Citroën Classic Club of Portugal to Host Conferences on Citroën History

If you are planning a trip to Portugal next year, you might want to book around these 3 dates where the Citroën Classic Club of Portugal has just announced their program to commemorate Citroëns 100th anniversary.
They will host a set of three conferences in partnership with the National Coach Museum.  The dates will be:
  • April 13: Under the theme: “André Citroën and the first years of the brand”
  • June 29: Theme: “Post World War II Models and Citroën in Portugal”
  • October 19: Theme: “Citroën in Portuguese Motorsport”
Aside from the Citroën Centenary the Club will organize four other things in 2019:


1) There will be a model cars Exhibit at the MNC on a date to be announced.

2) A set of Newsletters will be launched in the Club’s Monthly Citrotulias (Citro talks) with the following themes:

a) January Citrotúlia (on 20/1) – The 1925 Citroën Special of Artur Mimoso of 1925: The first Citroën in Portugal?
b) March Citrotúlia (17/3) – The Citroën installations in Lisbon in the 30’s (the first in February 1929) – plans, photos and letters of the time.
c) May Citrotúlia (19/5) – The Citroën Kégrésse in the Portuguese army.
d) July Citrotúlia (21/7) – Citroën installations in Portugal (outside Lisbon) in the 30s.
e) September Citrotúlia (15/9) – The Citroën Passenger Cars in Portugal.
f) November Citrotúlia (17/11) – The Citroën of the “Taxis Palhinhas Company”.
(To subscribe to the Citrotulias, email:

3) Extended participation in Motorclássico (April 26 – 28), in “Leiriasobre Rodas” (September) and in Autoclássico (October 4 – 6) evoking 100 years of Citroën. (Portuguese Classic cars Shows)

4) Main Exhibition “100 years of Citroën” in the future Motor Passion Museum of Cascais (subject to confirmation of the date of the opening of the Museum).


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