CAC Announces the Winner of the 2018 Golden Sphere “Philippe” Award

Congratulations go to George Klein for winning Citroën Autoclub Canada’s 2018 Golden Sphere “Philippe” Award. 

  George Dyke (pictured left) presents the 2018 Golden Sphere “Philippe” Award to George Klein (pictured right).

Actually, it’s the second win for George and again this time well deservedly so for his restoration of the infamous “Mazmobile” – a 1982 VISA II Super X that was owned by the late John Mazmanian.  George rescued it four years after John’s passing still tucked away in a shed in Ft. Erie, Ontario. 

It’s last run was in 2011 when George Dyke drove it to Rendezvous, with permission from his sons, as a tribute to Maz and parked it in a special spot where it sat, just like Maz would have stepped out of it (with all the clutter inside) and a large memorial card on was placed on it that everyone could sign. 

  “Mazmobile” at Rendezvous 2011, Saratoga Springs, NY.  

Upon its return home it was driven back to Ft. Erie and parked at the request of his sons.  When they decided to sell the property, the Visa was destined to go to a scrapyard as no buyers could be found for it.  George Klein offered to take the Visa and do the necessary repairs it needed back in 2011 as well as the additional work required after four years of unheated storage.  (The car was rustproofed by Maz so the underneath and body panels were perfect).  Maz’s sons agreed and so began 2 years of work on George’s part to make the car roadworthy.  

  Condition as it was acquired by George in Ft. Erie, Ontario.

Goerge Klein’s preservation work included:

  • Rebuilding the distributor, points, coil, cap, rotor, capacitor
  • Installing new spark plugs (a bugger to get to – deep inside the rocker cover)
  • Setting up the timing to 5 degree as per factory specs
  • Installing a new fuel pump and hoses
  • Rebuilding the carb with a kit from Italy
  • Installing a new fuel filter
  • Making a new air filter from furnace filter material
  • Rebuilding the front brake calipers and installing new pads and rotors
  • Reconditioning the rear brake drums and installing new brake cylinders and shoes
  • Cleaning and re-lining the gas tank,  (It had 40 years of dirt that would clog up the fuel filter in 5 minutes of running.)
  • Installing an SM radiator fan switch (they are the same) did the trick for the fan to work as it should.
  • Installing an original VISA radiator fan – (Maz had some strange fan installed.)
  • Re-installing the original rear wiper motor and mechanism.  (Maz took them off.)
  • Rebuilding the RPM and Speedo/Odometer.  (The old fashioned speedo cable needed cleaning and lubrication.)
  • Rebuilt the funny Citroen “All in One” dashboard control cluster
  • Repairing the electrical harness
  • Rebuilding the original horn – (it now sounds the way a VISA should)
  • Removing all exterior lights, front grill, doors , door panels mirrors etc.
  • Installing new LED bulbs where they fit
  • Fitting aftermarket seat covers to match the interior
  • Creating a new headliner – perfect copy of the original.
  • Installing 4 new 13 inch tires (a bit thicker than the original VISA tires )
  • Fixing up the body where bumps and small holes were
  • Applying a red 3M vinyl wrap (4 yards )

George says that so far the Visa rides well up to 100km/hr.  The 1,230 cc engine and 5 speed gearbox is a joy to drive.  There’s lots of heat and an amazing ventilation system.  The after-market sun roof also helps.


It is for all this effort on George’s part that Citroen Autoclub Canada awarded him the Golden Sphere for 2018.   

Next spring George plans to install a brand new clutch, front struts, rear shocks and with that the car should be 100% like new.

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