Can a DS Drive on 3 Wheels?

Having written, edited and produced photographs for classic car magazines for over a decade, eccentric Englishman Ian Seabrook focuses these days on his YouTube video channel — HubNut. He has just released a video where he tries to determine if a Citroën DS can be driven on three wheels.

Ian Seabrook

Although you might cringe at him removing the hubcap with a screwdriver, (the tool to do that is the “J arm” part of the pin that goes into the jack stand support to secure it at a given height), he pretty much gets the rest of the wheel removal process correct.

Citroënvie member Dave Agar holds up the jack stand support pin with “J arm” — used to pry-off DS Hubcaps.

Towards the end, there is also a good demonstration of the DS turning headlights in operation at dusk.

Can it drive on three wheels? See for yourself:

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