Canadian Tire features a 2CV — but for what?

By George Dyke…..

On the main page of today’s Canadian Tire e-flyer is a 2CV, though somehow I don’t think that this means they are now carrying Citroën parts.

I went online and try to order just a headlight bulb — and no luck. They don’t even list Citroên as a make in their search engine.

Granted, if you know the size of a 12 volt 2CV battery (19L with top post connections) you can find a suitable one – that and valve caps, but that’s about it.

No doubt some clueless marketing types tried to be cool in designing the flyer.  

Note in particular how they say how you can keep you car in shape with a pressure washer.   That’s the last thing you want use on a 2CV, especially a Charleston (as shown) or Dolly model or any one with a decal on it.  A pressure washer will take the decal off the car.  Trust me — I know from personal experience when that was done to my 2CV by a mechanic who thought he would clean my car while doing some service work on it.

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