by John McCulloch…..

This Citroën building in Lyon, France is being partially re-purposed as a school of higher learning by one of the largest group of private instruction in the country, Le groupe INSEEC.   The “new campus” will hold approximately 3,000 students, teachers and staff and will occupy the third floor of the “New Deal” building formerly the “Immeuble Citroën”.

Citroen building in Lyon, France
This edifice, made of reinforced concrete was ordered built by André Citroën in 1929.  Construction took two years (1930 – 1932) and was supervised by the architect Maurice-Jacques Ravazé.  When it was completed, it was considered the world’s largest garage, capable of holding 1,00 cars.

Citroen Lyon Building 1  Citroen Lyon Building 2  Citroen Lyon Building 3

In 1992 the building was listed as an Historical Monument.