Citroën DS vs The Black Panther Ferrari Police Car

Citroën DS make appearances in chase scenes of a number of European films in the 1960s and 70s. Poliziotto Sprint (the English version was titled Highway Racer) from 1977 contains one of the most famous chase scenes involving a Ferrari 250 GTE. The film was partly inspired by the career of Armando Spatafora, an Italian “flying squad” police officer.

Thanks to Geoff at Hunter’s Moon YouTube channel, we have The Story of the Lynx and the Black Panther Ferrari Police Car. It provides in a short 11 and one half minutes — some great insight into how Armando Spatafora became that noted police officer who chased many criminals, first in an Alfa Romeo Lynx and then in a Black Ferrari 250 GT/E. And for Citroën enthusiasts, Geoff borrowed scenes from the Poliziotto Sprint film to illustrate a particular pursuit of a Citroën DS in 1964. Even though in the film a post 1968 DS model (with “cat’s eye” headlights) was featured, the visuals make the point about the prowess of Armando Spatafora. The DS sequence appears at the 5:45 mark in this video:

You can find the entire Poliziotto Sprint film here:

And if you would like to see more classic DS car chase scenes, check out this “Classic Cars in Movies – Citroën DS” YouTube video with chase scenes from these films:

  • Tony Arzenta (1973)
  • Quelques Messieurs Trop Tranquilles (1973)
  • La Pula del Gangster (1975)
  • Then Baron (1966)

Watch them here:

And of course, we’d be amiss if we didn’t mention the 1973 Italian movie “La Polizia Incrimina La Legge Assolve” where crooks in a Citroën DS Break are chased by the cops in an Alfa Romeo Berlina:

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