Citroën DS23 compared to Bentley, Jaguar and Mercedes of the era.

Citroënvie member Herns Pierre-Jerome wrote in to mention he enjoyed an article on where a Citroën DS23ie is put to the test vs a Bentley T1 vs a Mercedes 280SE W108 series vs a Jaguar 420G. 

These late ’60s and early ’70s car provide an interesting mix of what was available in luxury transportation at that time from France, England and Germany.  It is a well written account of each auto with design comments from Tom Tjaarda, text from Russ Smith and photography by Richard Pardon.  The only thing they are bit off about is the price of the Citroën DS23ie, claiming you can buy one now for as little as £8,000.  That’s a bit of stretch for one that is running, even in daily driver condition.  The one they tested was more along the high end price they cite; £30,000. 

Still though, a great comparison that sums up the virtues of each.  And what did they pick as their favourite?  Mais oui; le DS naturalement!  Read why here.



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