Bakers’ Dozen of Citroëns to be Auctioned by Artcurial during Retromobile

Thirteen Citroëns are being sold at Artcurial Motorcars Auction during Retromobile in Paris on February 10.   While most models are estimated to fetch about the same values as in previous years, it would appear that the CX is finally commanding a higher dollar.  Of course that remains to be seen until the hammer actually drops.

There are some very interesting and rare Citroëns on offer; Our top 3 pics would be the 1962 DS Concorde coupé, the 1937 Traction Avant type 11 faux cabriolet and the 1938 Traction B 11 L cabriolet with a front end coachbuilt by Emile Tonneline.


1969 DS 21 “DS Courte” – One of the (very) rare shortened DS

Estimated at:  $ 74,767 – $ 96,129 USD – No reserve
French title.  Chassis n ° 49396913

Inspired by the prototype used by Bob Neyret, winner of the Rallye du Maroc, Marcel Lavalle built his own “DS Courte” in 1969, with the chassis shortened by 52cm. Driven by Lavalle, with J.P. Chastin as co-driver, the car took part in numerous events in 1969 and 1970, in France in the rallies Mistral, Antibes, Pétrole-Provence, Vaucluse, Criterium du Cevennes, and internationally the Tour Auto in Portugal.

The car then spent many years in the garage of a collector next to Avignon before being bought by Roger Reynier.  Reynier decided to carry out work on the body and the car was painted French racing blue.  He also wanted the engine to be overhauled and gave it to Philippe Chauvet, in charge of the car’s preparation, with the development work carried out by Marc Fanciullo, resulting in a max power of 119.4bhp on the dyno.  This overhaul was carried alongside other improvements, notably to the dashboard.


1962 DS Concorde coupé

Estimated at:  $106,810  – $160,215  USD
French title.  Chassis n° 420344

This car was delivered new from the Henri Chapron workshops on 13 April 1962 to a M.Tronchère who lived near Paris. It was built on the base of a DS cabriolet supplied by the very same workshops on 6 February that year. It took just one month to build, as a Chapron document states: “delivery promised for the Geneva Motor Show on 13 March 1962″. The car was exhibited on the Chapron stand along side a range of other models that included a Le Dandy coupé. The final sale price for the DS was set at 30 334,85 francs. This was very expensive as a standard DS saloon cost 12 920 francs, and you could buy a Porsche 356 Super 90 for 28 000 francs.  However, this DS had a special and very elegant body, with a particularly airy roof compartment, and was built with VIP clients in mind.

The Concorde coupé on offer has undergone a no expense spared restoration thanks to the endeavours of its current owner, a German collector, Citroën dealer and huge DS enthusiast.  He threw himself into a major restoration project, as the bodywork was badly corroded.  The interior was completely restored and upholstery refurbished.  The car received the same level of care for the mechanical. Presented today in metallic gold with Gray roof, it is presented in superb condition, displaying all the special features of its handcrafted coachwork: chrome strips on the bonnet and sides, special headlight bezels, chromed wire wheels, bezels at the bottom of the body, the inscription ” DS19 ” in spaced lettering on the boot, and a special ” Henri Chapron ” plaque.

Chapron versions were exclusive for both their price and the limited production. It is believed that just 37 or 38 examples of the Concorde coupé were built between 1960 and 1965. This car is Chapron number 7473.


1979 CX Prestige

Estimated at: $32,043 – $53,405 USD – No reserve 

French title.  Chassis n° 00ML6642

Delivered new in Lyon, 3 owners from new
, this CX 2.4L is one of the rare Prestige models equipped with a semi-automatic gearbox.  Around 2,000 of these were made, the majority of which have disappeared.  As the car’s service booklet indicates, it was delivered new by the Citroën dealership in Lyon, Garage Metropole, to its first owner, René Garcin, the owner of a silk factory, on May 14, 1982.  The car was registered 15 days later.  Mr. Garcin, known to be a good friend of Raymond Barre, the mayor of Lyon, received in 1957, a distinction medal for his actions in the French Resistance during World War II.  

All servicing was regularly carried out by the Citroën dealership in Lyon, the service book being regularly stamped until 1989.  It then had 44,798 km since new.  In 2007, the car changed hands and went to the other end of France, to be acquired by an enthusiast in the South of France, who also carried out regular servicing of the car.  In 2014, it was acquired by the current owner who had been looking for a Prestige for years, impressed by the parade of the new President Jacques Chirac traversing Paris, the night of his election in 1995.  The car has only 60,000 km since new, its original leather interior in Havana color is in an astounding state, as it does not seem to have suffered the wear and tear of time.


1965 DS 19 Cabriolet

Estimated at: $74,767 – $96,129 USD – No reserve
French title.  Chassis n° 4294071

This DS19 cabriolet barn find is one of the last “factory” convertibles from its series, and was first registered on April 30, 1965.  The history of this car is very clear, as it has had only three owners to date and has been in the same hands from 1968 to 2016.  It was delivered new in 1965, bought by a company from North of France, before moving to Normandy in 1968.  The history of this car is special because following an impact in the rear in the 1970s, it was kept aside, with the plans to be restored, which never happened.  It then remained garaged in Normandy, and thus remained so for many years without being driven, degrading over a period of time.  Its odometer displays a little less than 80,000 km, which would very likely correspond to its original mileage.  This rare “barn find” cabriolet, which has to be completely restored but represents a beautiful restoration project. It has a grey exterior colour with red leather upholstery and is equipped with a hydraulic gearbox.


1956 2CV

Estimated at: $16,021 – $26,702 USD – No reserve
French title.  Chassis n° 253480

Engine No. 0065004497

The current owner acquired this 2CV in 2007 on the recommendation of Antoine Demetz, the author of the book “La 2CV de mon pere” and editor of two magazines on this subject.  This car was prepared to take part in various regional rallies at that time, as confirmed orally by Jean Malard, founder of the first 2CV club in the world.  
The high quality restoration included: replacement of the floorpan, complete dismantling and paint of the body, check of the mechanicals, replacement of the wiring harness, refurbishment of the interior and adding a protective skid plate under the engine.  The owner told mentions that white circles for the race numbers were found when the doors were being sanded.  Since the restoration, the car has covered just 69 km, the tyres are new, as is the hood.


1962 DS 19 – Cabriolet

Estimated at:  $128,172 – $160,215 USD
French title.  Chassis n° 4200446

This DS19 convertible is one of the very early “cabriolets” launched in 1961 featuring the special “ashray” front wings.  It was registered on August 6, 1962.  In 2008, this car was bought by its current owner, an enthusiast and a gentleman racer, from Citroën specialists Losson Automobiles. The car was completely restored in 2006.  Substantial work was performed on the engine, hydraulic system, sheet metal, paint, upholstery and the convertible top.  This genuine convertible features a metallic grey exterior paint, combined with burgundy leather interior and is equipped with a hydraulic gear box.


1937 Traction Avant type 11 faux cabriolet

Estimated at:  $64,086 – $106,810 USD
French title.  Chassis n° 099436
Body no. AM3717

Its splendid lines led Hervé Ogliastro to add a Traction Avant faux-convertible to his collection, given that he already owned a convertible.  It was André Lecoq who found this particular car for him. Originally sold on May 14, 1937, once acquired by Lecoq, one of the most renowned restorers in Europe, this faux-cabriolet underwent a comprehensive restoration in 1992 in his workshop.  

The body was stripped, the sheet metal repaired and repainted, the chrome was redone and the missing accessories replaced. The upholstery was refurbished and all equipment was checked, completed and restored as needed.  The mechanicals have also been completely overhauled, with the refurbishment of the running gear, brakes, engine and accessories. The wiring harness was redone and the electrical equipment checked.  The file that comes with the car contains a large number of invoices totalling nearly 440,000 francs.

The faux-cabriolet is one of the rarest versions of the Traction Avant.  Produced till the autumn of 1938, the total production is less than 700 units.


1986 BX 4TC

Estimated at:  $53,405 – $85,448 USD – No reserve
Unregistered.  Chassis n° 00XL 3026

Only 220 km since new
.  Delivered new to Franco Sbarro
- Street version of the mythical Group B
, the BX 4TC represents Citroën’s attempt at engaging into World Rally Championship at the time of the famous Group B era. For homologation, the manufacturer had to produce 200 cars and consequently developed a road version on the base of the BX, powered by a turbocharged 2141cc engine developing 200bhp, with a four-wheel-drive system.  On the “Evolution” version for the official team, the specifications were more sporting and max power reached 380bhp, yet it wasn’t good enough and the BX 4TC was finally withdrawn from the championship. Total production, executed at Heuliez, was just 86 units.  Though the cars were to have been destroyed by Citroen, under the supervision of a bailiff, it is rumoured that Citroën offered the owners of the “4TC” to buy them back at twice their value.  Whatever be the truth, it is unquestionably a very rare model, of which only forty examples are said to remain.

The example on offer is in mint condition today and covered only 220 km since new.  It was delivered new to well-known Swiss car constructor Franco Sbarro.  He had it exhibited in his school, ESPERA for his students for many years.


1974 SM

Estimated at $42,724 – $ 64,086 USD – No reserve
Italian title.  Chassis n° 00SC 3639

This was built in May 1974 and delivered to Citroën dealer Enrico Masi in Prato, Italy in its current green leaf colour.  The car was sold car to its first owner on 6 May 1975 and spent most of its life in the Tuscan town of Montecatini Terme until recently.  It still retains its original Prato number plates. It has only had two owners from new and recently (10,000 km ago) had the engine restored.  The interior is in nice condition as are the cloth (standard European spec) seats.  


1990 2CV – Charleston – No reserve

Estimated at: $21,362 – $32,043 USD
French title.  Chassis n° VF7AZKA00KA356503

This car is exceptional in more ways than one. Firstly, because this 2CV Charleston is like new, not by being restored, but because it has never been driven.  It has barely 40 km on the odometer. Secondly, because it has had only one owner since 1990.  This 2CV was, in fact, bought by a Citroën dealer who had decided to keep one of the last examples of this mythical French car, at the announcement of the end of production.  He purchased it from the factory, with the plan to offer it to his children later. The car was kept through all these years in a garage, sheltered from the abuses of the road and the weather.  With reference to the 1930s, it features the famous Delage red color and black, and the seats are covered with Gray fabric with diamond-patterned seams.  Constrained by the rule on the use of catalytic converters, the car was registered in December 1992, but never took to the road.  In order to maintain the mechanical condition of the car, the engine was regularly drained. This particular one is certainly one of the last chances to ever be able to buy an almost new 2CV.


1965 DS 19 cabriolet

Estimated at: $138,853 – $170,896 USD
British title.  Chassis n° 4294050

The DS, launched in 1955, had a purity of styling that inspired the coachbuilder Henri Chapron. Three years later, Chapron presented his sublime convertible interpretation of this model. His design convinced Citroën who included it in the range from 1960. This model was described as a “factory cabriolet ” through until 1971, despite being built by the renowned Levallois coachbuilder.

The example on offer, presented in excellent condition and in its original colour, was acquired by its first owner, Mr Nils Bergenstrahle, from Stockholm in Sweden, in 1965.  A rare DS cabriolet built to Scandinavian specification, it was delivered new with full leather interior and the rare option “chauffage grand froid” (a high level heater), offered by Citroën to the Scandinavian market.  While in Sweden, the car passed through the hands of several marque enthusiasts, who maintained it in top condition.  One such owner was the President of the Citroën Owners Club of Sweden. The history appears to have been recorded continuously since first registered by Bergenstrahle.  The car was subsequently bought by renowned London dealer Daniel Donovan, who is a great enthusiast. As the car was in excellent, virtually rust-free condition, it only required a light restoration. This included an overhaul of the LHM2 hydraulic system, carried out by Andrew Brodie Engineering.  At the same time, the car was fitted with discreet front and rear seatbelts.  Acquired by the current owner in 2014, a British collector, it has been maintained fastidiously and only used for occasional family outings.


1934 Traction Avant 7S

Estimated at:  $96,129 – $128,172 USD – No reserve
Swiss title.  Chassis n ° 021208

Case n ° AR06165

The 7S Traction Avant was created with the aim of expanding the range with a more powerful model. Derived from version 7B, it was distinguished by a more powerful 11hp engine. The 7 Sport is very rare in its roadster version.  The certificate issued by Citroën Heritage states that this particular car was manufactured on the 12 December 1934. A copy of its old registration document mentions that it was registered in 1954 in the Loir et Cher region, before being bought by an enthusiast from the same district in 1968, and then in 1979 by its current owner.  The bodywork was completely stripped before being repainted with an undercoat of epoxy, the entire upholstery was redone, as well as the mechanicals and electricals, entrusted to a Swiss specialist, Mr. Gysin.  The rims and the carburetor come from a later version, and an alternator has been installed.  The car is equipped with an accessory luggage rack.


1938 Traction B 11 L cabriolet – front end coachbuilt by Emile Tonneline

Estimated at:  $106,810 – $128,172 USD
French title. Chassis n° 407485

Engine no. 11560597

This rare Traction was coachbuilt by Emile Tonneline, an independent coachbuilder, based near Paris.  The specific bodywork components, the four wings, the doors and the grille are all bolted on and the assembly is so well done that one might think it is a special body. These elements were available for the 7, 11 and 15 with various accessories and hubcaps.  The aerodynamic grille and the semi-integrated headlamps recall the American trend of the late 1930s.  In all likelihood, only 3 or 4 examples still remain.  The engine has been replaced with a more powerful 11D and the car comes equipped with “Pilote” wheels.  The starter and the battery have recently been replaced (late 2016), but it still requires some basic mechanical work to make it more reliable.  The electrical circuit needs to be serviced, as well as the front axle, and the two side windows are cracked.  The interior in burgundy leather, reminiscent of the two-tone paint of the body, gives the car a special charm.


1990 2CV Dolly

Estimated at: $21,362 – $32,043 USD – No reserve
French title.  Chassis n° VF7AZKA00KA352008

This Dolly version of the 2CV in a Vallelunga red and Cormoran Grey colour combination shows just 30 km on its odometer from new!  The interior is in diamond-patterned Gray fabric. The exceptional pedigree of this 2CV is linked to its very singular history. This car has been in the possession, since it was manufactured, of a Citroën dealership owner who wanted to offer these cars to his two children, so he ordered the two new 2CVs that we are offering.  Thus it has been jealously preserved in excellent conditions since 1990, and is one of the last 2CVs produced.  It looks almost like on its first day after delivery and drives fine.  Its mechanicals have been drained in order to keep it in a good condition.  It is impossible to find, in the future, a 2CV in such a state, a car of that for 27 years never took to the road, and is in a state like new.


1938 Citroën Traction 11B cabriolet

Estimated at: $105,596 – $147,835 USD

French title.  Chassis n ° 142788
This Traction cabriolet was registered on the 30th of June 1938. Its current owner purchased the car in 2009 from Philippe Losson, a well-known Citroën specialist.  Although we do not know the entire history of the car, we know it spent some time in the United States before returning to Europe.  It was part of the collection of Mr. Donald “Red” Dellinger, a Citroën agent for years in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, whose collection was auctioned at the end of 2008.  The car has been restored a few years ago is today in a good overall state and has a pleasant patina.  It has Pilote rims and a four-speed gearbox instead of three-speeder. Used regularly, the car runs well and will offer its future owner the pleasure of driving an icon of French automotive history.


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  1. I had a 1979 CX Prestige C-Matic , this was back in the U.K, it was my daily driver , Gold exterior with Mustard Brushed Nylon interior, simply beautiful to drive, it had come with a set of Michelin 14 inch Asymetrical tires, no allow wheels , only steel wheels, top exterior roof was covered with Black Vinyl , if I remember correctly , it’s U.K plate number was AYH 11T, this was always maintained by my Citroën mechanic by the name ‘Mac Motors’ in Neasden, nearer to the Sapcote Trading Estate or closer to the Neasden Electronics which was on the corner of Villiars Rd, N.W.2 or N.W.10, London.

    It’s ride was simply memorable, though I had bought and sold many Citroëns during my first bought 1973 DS BVH , thereafter a 1980 CX Gti, still remember it’s clutch operation, it was simply very heavy on my left knee, so that got sold in record breaking time, instead I had ended up with a temporary CX wagon , which stayed with me goes over 6 weeks, it was a loaner from my cousins , until my Prestige , then had developed a leak in the external piggy bank, this was the C-matic transmission Oil cooler , very costly to replace, but I had no choice.

    I have 3 CXs presently , I have no desire to obtain any more, but whatever I have, I plan to make the most with them, life’s too short, also the XM TD Break will be sold off , thereafter awaiting for my DS engine and a 5 speed transmission mounted back into it.

    Who will do the job¿ I sincerely don’t know????????????

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