Citroën hopes to make 1,000 new friends with My Ami Buggy “Limited”

Building on the success of the sale of just 50 of the My Ami Buggy Ultra Limited Edition offered in 2022, Citroën is launching a new special series for 10 countries, including France that will be called My Ami Buggy and distinguished by name in that it will no longer be an “ultra limited” series, but simply “limited”.

It will retain the trappings of the first edition, namely its “mass-tinted Khaki exterior colour and its black protective elements such as; bumper, faceplates, headlight trim, fender flares, sills and rear spoiler,” explains Citroën. However, it will have new equipment to clearly distinguish the two versions. New optional features include; clear coverings added to the doors to protect the occupants during bad weather with zippers so they can be rolled back when you want to ride in the open air. Ditto, “a new roof closing device has been created to facilitate its use. It is a black waterproof hood now closed by a zipper, therefore more practical and faster to handle,” adds Citroën.

Interior features include a new handset with a cap, and new accessories, such as an Ultimate Ears Boom waterproof speaker that cab be taken anywhere. New “My Ami Buggy” customers will also receive derivative products from the “My Ami Buggy” line, including an Ice-Watch and two other accessories, a comb and a bucket hat.

Since its launch in late 2020, Citroën has sold over 30,000 vehicles from its Ami series in nine countries. Alongside My Ami Buggy, the series includes the standard Ami and My Ami Cargo.

The new edition is based on the compact Ami, measuring 2.41 meters in length, 1.39 meters in width, and 1.52 meters in height.

With a total weight of 1,069 lb (485 kg), including the battery pack, the EV is equipped with a 5.5 kWh battery, providing a range of 69 kilometers (43 miles) and a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), catering to the basic needs of users.

Citroën touts the affordability and practicality of My Ami Buggy, making it an attractive choice for urban residents, students, and individuals seeking an eco-friendly option for short-distance travel. In addition, as a quadricycle, certain European countries do not require a license to drive such vehicles, making them popular among teenagers.

Citroën reports that the Ami has contributed to adopting greener transportation in Halki, Greece, where the police and coast guard utilize the Ami for their patrolling needs. Similarly, the island of Maddalena in Italy has added seven Ami vehicles to its fleet, used by the police and port teams to promote clean mobility.

Last year, the 50 My Ami Buggy Ultra Limited Edition sold out in under 18 minutes, at a starting price of 9,790 euros. Citroën is hoping for equally swift demand and that people who want to acquire one of the 1000 copies of this Ami Buggy will pay 10,490 euros and go to the brand’s website on June 20, 2023.

Update — June 23, 2023: 800 copies of My Ami Buggy (out of the 1000 manufactured in total) were sold in 10 hours on the web. They were offered for sale online in 8 countries. In France, according to Citroën, the quota of 300 copies sold out in just one hour.

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