Citroën Showcases its Family Cars at Retromobile

At this year’s Retromobile show in Paris Citroën paid homage to the cars it has developed to meet the needs of families.

A selection of Citroën family cars were on display, including some of the most emblematic of the Brand’s history, from the 1931 C6 Familiale and Traction Avant to he CX estate car and the New Grand C4 picasso launched last September.

Among the models on display, three were celebrating major anniversaries; 80th for Traction Avant, 40th for the CX and 25th for the XM.

Citroën Heritage produced a lovely book on this theme that they were handing out. In case you weren’t fortunate enough to attend and get one, you can download a pdf of it here.   (Click on the image below.)

Citroen Faimily Cars - Retromobile 2014

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