First announced at the Citroën Rendezvous in Saratoga Springs, NY in July 2023, Dave Burnham posted on Facebook yesterday further details about the purchase agreement he has entered into with Trinity Restoration in Vermont.

For those folks not on Facebook or don’t follow Dave on it, we are pleased to post here what he wrote yesterday:

Hi Everyone,

It’s been since last July that I posted anything here and I wanted to give an update on the shop and our plans for 2024. We have been working very hard in the shop, getting projects done and we have lots of work lined up.

As was mentioned last summer Dave Burnham Citroën, will become Trinity Restorations in mid-April of 2024.

John Choquette is the owner of Trinity, and he is very excited about taking on the wonderful world of Citroëns. For ten weeks last year we trained one of Johns mechanics (Paul) in the art of Citroën repairs. When the winter came Paul headed back to the main Trinity shops in northern VT. In the meantime, we hired Isaac an 18-year-old local fellow that really likes Citroëns and he has the potential to become a very good Citroën mechanic.

So, the plan we have laid out is as follows; On April 15th I will no longer be running the Citroën repair shop it will be taken over by John and Trinity Restoration. My helper Allan (who has worked here almost 7 years now) and Isaac will become employees of Trinity Restorations.

For all of our awesome customers there should be no changes. Citroëns will still be repaired out of my shop as they always have been by knowledgeable people, and I will be around to help out as a consultant.

I will not be doing anything related to running the shop such as scheduling, turning wrenches, writing invoices, etc. I will be retired from paid Citroën repairs, which I am really looking forward to.

That doesn’t mean you will never see me or hear from me in the future. I still plan to go to the Citroën meets because that’s where lots of my longtime friends are. I will also be available to help people as a paid Citroën consultant. This needs to be clear. I have given away thousands of hours of free consultations from my beginnings in the Citroën repair world to the present. I will be happy to help anyone in need of knowledge, but it will have to be for a fee that is yet to be determined.

At this time, I am not selling our stock parts to Trinity Restorations. We have a deal worked out and they will buy parts as needed. So, I will be happy to sell any parts that we have in stock. I am not looking to become a parts supplier I just want to sell my stuff. So please contact the other suppliers in the USA first to try and keep them in business and profitable. If they do not have a part and I do I will be happy to sell it. My parts prices will be very reasonable. I do not want to die having piles of Citroën parts for anyone to deal with. I will be open to offers on bulk purchases of my parts also as time goes on. I have five cars of my own to fix and sell in retirement, so I am OK keeping a lot of the parts until these cars are restored or sold.

Trinity Restorations will be working out of my shop for at least two years. I am encouraging you all to give Trinity a chance to gain your trust just like everyone did when I started out 47 years ago. Nothing lasts forever and I have had a great run, but I am ready for a change, and I have faith that John and the guys at Trinity will do a good job.

I am not gone. Just stepping back and I look forward to seeing all of our Citroën friends and customers for a long time to come.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!


The photo is from last September when John and I signed papers to make this all happen.

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