By Dominique Legeai (founder of ACE….Arizona Citroen Enthusiasts)……

Here are a couple pictures of my visit to a 2CV gathering in Gasny, France. In my case, it was all about “networking”…… I was looking for a 2nd to 3rd gear syncro for a 2CV gearbox I am trying to fix; went online with the group “Fadas, on roule en 2CV” and a nice gentleman was nice enough to mail me this part, which never reached me. A few months later, I was in France and he invited me to drop by the 2CV gathering he was organizing in his home town of Gasny in Normandie.

I met him there, got the part I needed and took a few pictures of the gathering. 

The most interesting one is of this unusual “2CV Bicephale” made of 2 front ends, both steering in opposite directions, 1 engine, no top.

The idea is to go through a marked course (here on grass) and synchronize the 2 drivers so that the car follows the course without touching the obstacles… is hilarious to watch, especially the newbies who end up totally off course for the most part.

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