by Erik Tøstie….

I am lucky enough to have several car friends from different LETTER backgrounds. They drive Morgan, Alvis, MG, Citroën, BMW, Austin Of THE MONTH, Healey, etc.

Erik Tøstie

I have a 1964 DS Decapotable (original) and a 1971 SM. I use my DS Decapotable as often as I can, and it’s mostly the weather that sets the limits in late fall and winter, or so I thought. I was inspired to do something I never thought I would experience.

In 2020, the Morgan club had reserved the entire Golsfjell Fjellstue in Norway, as well as the rental of the ice rink. The Morgan people provided around 10 cars but you could also have the opportunity to drive your own car on an ice rink under safe conditions for a whole day.

Driving on an ice rink on a body of water couldn’t hurt you, could it? It is fresh water after all. And so I decided to drive my DS Decapotable, making sure that the radiator could withstand -25 degrees and that the battery was fully charged.

The morning was magical. The sun broke through a low cloud cover over the fjord and the course came into view. Fantastic natural surroundings with -14 degrees C and the ice was around 75 cm thick.

It was an incredible experience to drive in an open car in this landscape with so many nice car enthusiasts.

Ed Note: We hope Erik and his companion had a couple of hot toddies at the end of that day!

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