Entertain the Crowd This Way at the Next Cars n’ Coffee

If you’re going to pull into an auto enthusiast event and impress the crowd by doing a teardown of a vehicle in under 2 minutes, you have to allow a little leeway!  OK and we give these two credit for their ingenuity and still having a 2CV that they can drive, albeit for a short distance.  Obviously, this 2CV has been heavily tweaked to make disassembly fast;  Mods include quick release pins holding the suspension arms, kickstands added to the frame, an engine is held in place by just 2 pegs, and the front fenders, bumper, and headlight bar are one assembly that just pop right off.  Quite the show:


Reassembly and driving away in just over 4 minutes is even more impressive considering they have to reinstate braking, clutch, steering, electrical power, and fuel!


Actually, these two are part of a team of 4 fellows in France called Projection Conceptocar-bombeiro. 


Their Facebook Page defines their mantra as “Project management, team-building / management, shows and events, technical training and local events”.  They enjoy designing vehicles but like to apply their physical skills and execute many of their ideas by modifying 2CVs in various forms.  They built this car called Wazaam in 2012 and have shown it at many events.  

  Projection Conceptocar-bombeiro demonstrates Wazaam.

Other creations of theirs include:

TubiX (2014)
Franana (2013)
HotRoll (2011)
Otocardo (2010)
Birout (2009)
Trikart (2008)
Prototal (2006)
Prototo (2005)
Their latest project is Otocardo, which appears will be a 2CV that expands!  You can see its development on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/conceptocar/

We hope these guys come to the USA with one of their creations and pull into Rendezvous one year!  

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