A Special Era at the End of Series 1 CX Turbo Models

by Prakash Raja…..

Towards the end of production of the Series 1 CX GTi there was a crossover time when the CX 25 GTi Turbo model was introduced with a dashboard that was a mix of old and new.  Look at the images below and you can see that prior to the totally redesigned interior of the Series 2, the newly introduced GTi Turbo interior was different.

  CX GTi Series 1 interior.

  CX 25 GTi Turbo Series ‘1.5’ interior.

  CX 25 GTi Turbo Series ‘2’ interior.

In the image titled Series 1.5, the dashboard shape is the same as the Series 1, but the speedo cluster is neither one nor the other, (i.e. it is totally different).   It’s a speedo that is unlike the other Series 2 gauges.  Though at first glance it may seem to be from a Series 2, looking closely at the 240 km/h indicator marker you can see that they are not the same.

 CX 25 GTi Turbo Series ‘1.5’ instrument panel.

  CX 25 GTi Turbo Series 2 instrument panel.

Other unique touches in the “1.5” include a leather wrapped steering wheel in all but the lower section.  And on the steering wheel hub the horizontal grooves have a red accent.


Commencing with this model the GTi Turbo was fitted with a 4 cylinder 2.5L engine producing 168Bhp and a 5-speed gearbox.  And you can see that both dashboard clusters of the S1.5 and S2 have a Turbo Boost gauge.

Externally the GTi Turbo S1.5 had the metal bumpers of the Series 1 models but rather than the bumpers being stainless steel, they were painted the colour of the CX body and had the same rear Turbo Spoilers and the ‘T’ alloy Rims with the TRX tires as the Series 2 GTi Turbo models.


It was introduced in October 1984 and was offered through to July 1985, when the restyled Series 2 models were introduced having plastic bumpers, along with plastic lower moldings ,new mirrors and a completely revised interior.

    CX 25 GTi Turbo Series 2 with revised bumpers, mirrors and the addition of lower moldings.

In March 1985 ABS braking became an option that could be ordered on the CX 25 GTi Turbo.  These crossover “1.5” models, so equipped, have become highly sought after. 


  CX 25 GTi Turbo Series ‘1.5’ with original Series 1 bumpers painted body colour.

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