Thanks to David Deroy in Vannes France and John A. Peterson from the Panhard USA club, we are pleased to provide a series of links to a website articles from New Zealand that are all about french sports car from the 1950’s to today.  Unusual cars you most likely have never heard of, like the ARC Veyrat 630, Narval, Ellipse shown in the Blog’s title photo.

You’ll find a few mentions of Citroën in these articles:  (Based on the mechanicals of the 425cc 2CV).

  Umap  (That Jean-Marie de Pontac created in 1955.  We featured an article about the history of the De Pontac back in the Spring 2003 edition of the Citroën Autoclub Canada newsletter).

  De Pontac  (Their first car being 2CV powered).

  Mismaque  (Pichon Parat turned the ID and DS into both cabriolets and coupes).

    Pichon Parat D model conversions.

And here are many more links relating to Panhard and D.B. in these articles :

And here’s the link to the full site:

About the Marsonetto bodies, the lightweight Coach D.B, chassis 865 of Le Mans 1956, suffered a crash in many metamorphoses … To finish from 1959 with a Luciole carrosserei.

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