Failed Brie Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong

4 SM’s were just listed for sale on Craigslist in Detroit for $15K  xUS for the lot, (which is rather pricey considering their condition).
They were also mentioned on the Bring a Trailer website.   The ensuing comments to the listing are hilarious.  Like those from Davey Jones:
– Ran when parked. Previous owner still running.
– Bring an albuterol asthma inhaler.
– BBC News Flash: Mike Brewer in coma after severe beating with orbital sander. Edd China held for questioning by Scotland Yard.
– Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan: “This is the last straw, I quit.”
– Citroën SM vaccine cures Ebola virus but leaves patients doing jumping Jacks until green fluid erupts from pores.
– Headline: Failed Brie Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong
– National Mrs. Leno Sues For Divorce. “I’ll miss those steam engines, though.”
– Gas Monkey Garage refuses project. “We have standards”
– Note KpH to MpH sticker on the steering wheel. So in theory, at least one of these moved under its own power at some point. Focus on that as you work on your winter project:
a. Twin engine: one fwd, one rwd.
b. Stretch limo for Quebecois wedding business.
c. Mid-engine Merak or Bora too wimpy? 4 x V-6 = V-24. Simple math.

And from Jeff H.:

Gee, what’s better than rebuilding a Maserati engine ?  Why, rebuilding four Maserati engines is better, much better.


Chris H.:

For $15,001 you can have all of the Citroëns and the building they’re stored in! Ahhh, gotta love Detroit. From a distance.


Ah the SM…a most apt name for this car.


And finally, this from Jasper:
Any color you want as long as it’s white. At least mixing and matching parts won’t look like it.

Makes the future seem so long ago.
Still, one of the coolest cars ever made.

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