Frustration over CITROËN HERITAGE Conservatoire closing in July

by George Dyke…..

If you are thinking of going the Citroën Centenary Celebration in July at La Ferté-Vidame and were thinking of flying into Paris a couple of days early, with the idea of paying a visit to Le Conservatoire, you are out of luck. It will be closed to the public from July 14 to 25 as they are focusing on getting a few vehicles to and from the Centenary Celebration.

I have already booked my airline ticket for July 14 to fly into Charles De Gaulle Airport and figured that Le Conservatoire would be the destination to visit first as I touch down at 9:30 am on the 15th and Le Conservatoire is only a few minutes from the airport. Being a bit jet-lagged when I arrive, I didn’t want to go far on my first day. I figured that spending a few hours at Le Conservatoire, to get primed for the big celebration by seeing a treasure trove of Citroëns that won’t be at La Ferté-Vidame, then getting a good rest at a nearby hotel would be my agenda for my first day in France. I will be suitably refreshed for a leisurely drive over the event. Well, that idea is out the window…

Le Conservatoire is only a few minutes from the airport.

Other folks coming from North America had similar plans — Ursula Walter Kaliske from Seattle, WA wrote Le Conservatoire about booking a tour for a group that is coming over from the Northwest Coast. Here is the response she got:


We inform you that following the GATHERING of the CITROEN CENTURY that will take place at the Ferté Vidame on July 19, 20 and 21 the conservatory will be closed to the public during the period from July 14 to 25, 2019.
Information opening on the site of :

Best regards.

Commerciale Service Réceptif
Tel : +33 (0) 1 56 50 80 20

CITROËN HERITAGE Conservatoire – Boulevard André Citroën 93600 Aulnay-sous-Bois 

Hello, Citroën — what are you thinking? People from all around the world are travelling to France to celebrate Citroën’s 100th anniversary – and rather than assigning a few employees to let us see all the other items in Le Conservatoire that won’t be going to the Centenary Celebration, you are closing it for 11 days just when we are there!

Those of us coming from abroad have neither the time to come a week earlier or hang out there much longer, nor the means to fly over again before it will be closed forever. It would have been the perfect combination with the Centenary meeting!

In light of this unfortunate situation, I am sending an email to Linda Jackson, Citroën CEO, asking her to reconsider and give us enthusiasts access to Le Conservatoire upon our arrival in Paris. I hope Citroën will choose to accommodate us.

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  1. Due to the celebrations of the Citroën Centenary at La Ferté Vidame, many of the Conservatoire cars will be relocated to the site for the creation of an ephemeral museum. In order not to bring visitors to a partially empty place, it was decided to close the Conservatoire from 14 to 25 July.

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