Help make the 2CV a hit at the 2016 Canadian International Auto Show

We need your vote to help make the 2CV a hit at this year’s Canadian International Auto Show.

The Auto Show launched a contest for classic car owners to win the chance to showcase their vehicle at the show in Toronto from February 12 – 21.

Called ‘AutoShow Your Auto Contest’ it’s on now until Jan. 18 and allows car enthusiasts to submit their most prized cars for a chance to have them featured on the show floor and have a chance to win the Grand Prize of $5,000 and a feature about your vehicle in

Sebastien Lagourgue's 1974 2CV  Sebastien Lagourgue’s 1974 2CV

A few people have submitted Citroëns but Citroënvie member Sebastien Lagourgue is running way ahead of the pack and is currently in 1st place with 1142 votes.  The next top three contestants are 100 votes behind him.  Let’s get together to ensure he remains on top by going to this link and voting for him:

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