Road & Track last week published an article by Fred Smith, where he ventured to Colorado to meet Citroënvie member Noah Wheeler, an engineer at Singer Vehicle Designs, in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Noah owns a 1965 US spec 1965 ID 19 with a very unique paint motif. Painted on it are depictions of naked women (presumably who the artist and previous owner felt were Goddesses) and white accent lines that look like a cross between topographic map contours and lightning bolts.

Noah and Fred take the car on a drive to the top of Independence Pass which is 12,000 feet above sea level.

While Fred appreciated the uniqueness of the ID, he felt it was grossly under-powered and he summarized the piece by saying that “Getting there in a 1965 Citröen ID19 is no small feat.”

You can read about their adventure here (click on the pic/link):

It probably would have helped the performance of the ID 19 if they had taken the time to adjust the air-mixture on the carburetor as altitude changed during the course of their Colorado drive. The ID should not be as painfully slow as he describes.

And most likely the fuel filter issue could also have been easily rectified by cleaning (or removing) the original filter at the end of pick-up in the fuel tank and installing a modern inline filter in the engine bay, just before fuel pump, that could easily be changed out on the road if crud started to accumulate in it.

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