If you need a bit more power in that 2CV…

There’s just 13 hours remaining on this ebay auction for a one of a kind twin engine Citroën rally car built in France by the late great Jack Hannon.  It has Citroën GS front and rear 4 cylinder engines!!    The car is in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada and there is starting bid of $6,000 US with currently no other bidders.



Here’s the ad for posterity sake:

For Sale:  A one of a kind twin engine Citroen rally car built in France by the late great Jack Hannon. As champion 2CV cross driver (a category for 2CV cars to race on dirt roads/track) Jack was looking to do more with his 2CV. It was a time when 4 wheel drive cars were not available and with a great deal of ingenuity, resourcefulness and some 3000 hours, jack built the only 2CV to break 200 km/hr off road.

2CV 2 engine Rally car 9   2CV 2 engine Rally car 3     2CV 2 engine Rally car 4   2CV 2 engine Rally car 6   2CV 2 engine Rally car 7   2CV 2 engine Rally car 8

2CV 2 engine Rally car 5

Some details:

  • Front and rear engines are 4 cylinder boxer motors from Citroen GS 1300 cc developing approximately 130 hp each. From my recollection, the engines are air cooled.
  • The front engine is a typical arrangement with the flat 4 pointed forward and the bell housing pointing backwards similar to a Subaru.
  • No drive shaft connects the two transmissions, they are simply synchronized.
  • The rear engine is the very same engine and transmission as I can tell but reversed so that bell housing points forward similar to a beetle.
  • A linkage bar connects the two transmissions allowing for simultaneous shifts. The shift linkage can be disconnected by pulling a pin in the drivers compartment.
  • Either rear motor is spinning backwards, or the transmission was customized to spin the rear wheels forward as the Citroen GS is a front wheel drive car.
  • Total power/displacement should equate to 260 hp in a car the weighs less than 2000lb.
  • Two massive fuel tanks occupy the rear seat, capacity must be well over 150 liters although I am only estimating.
  • The car comes with 4 street wheels and tires and 4 off road wheels and tires (similar to the one on the roof.

2CV 2 engine Rally car 1  2CV 2 engine Rally car 2  2CV 2 engine Rally car 10  2CV 2 engine Rally car 11

2CV 2 engine Rally car 12


The pictures included with the auction are a mix of current and past (obviously). In the past you will see a few different paint schemes, the White Rombo sponsor look is present in a few photographs but the “Coup de Coeur” black and red was always the cars claim to fame. “Coup de Coeur” translates loosely to “love at first sight” or “straight from the heart”. It was my intention to return the Citroen to this look. Coup de Coeur was a men’s underwear company at that time. I am unsure if they still exist today.

The current photos are less attractive but practical. You clearly see front and rear engines, interior, the linkage bar and the overall condition of the body which is very good. The white wheels are not present. The car comes with 2 sets of the silver polished mags plus the one on the room. All tires are original and fine. I don’t remember seeing cracks in the rubber. The Off road wheels were also holding pressure after 16 years.

More photos and video available.


  • The Citroen was stored for some 16 years in an indoor garage
  • the garage was heat and relatively un-humid
  • Upon inspecting the car, all tires still had air after 16 years!!
  • The car maintains brake pressure.
  • Both motors turn over when rolling the car in gear (but neither were started, deliberately)


  • Buyer arranges pickup, we will accommodate a shipper
  • Location of the car will be only be disclosed after auction is completed and payment is received.
  • The car must be picked up by Friday October 24th or before.


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  1. From Citroen GS 1300 cc developing approximately 130 hp each??Total power/displacement should equate to 260 hp in a car the weighs less than 2000lb.

    The power of the “quiet” 1300cm3 could be doubled from only 65 hp to double the power (130 hp but it would surely reach 8000-8500 rpm with a fairly generous carburetion).

    But there was also talk of a “normal” version in which each one gave 65 hp and both a total of 130 hp at 5500 rpm (instead of the 260 hp that would give them at 8000-8500 rpm).



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