Automotive journalist David LaChance displayed his writing talent in a cute article in Hemmings earlier this week titled “Can A 33-Hp Citroën Find Happiness On A Road Trip“, about driving a Dyane from Vermont to the coast of Maine.

On the premise that parts would be impossible to find if it broke down along the way, and initially expressing his concern about being able to make it over the New Hampshire mountain route, David tells of putting trepidation behind him and venturing forth.

David LaChance

In effect, he had little to worry about. The Dyane that he drove was previously owned by Carter Willey, who until be passed away in January 2021, was arguably the best Citroën mechanic on the USA east coast, if not the whole country!

Carter Willey – photo courtesy of Hemmings.

For many of us who drive our 2 cylinder Citroëns to Rendezvous each year, some even taking the time to drive across the entire country and back, the 200 mile trip that David embarked upon was a mere day jaunt.

A great description of driving the car along with an account of all the the towns he passed though along the way, makes for a charming read, and a wonderful means to remember a Citroën that Carter so passionately loved.

Check it out here:

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