Jay Goes Topless in a 2CV

In the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, he shows his 1967 2CV that underwent a German Hoffman cabriolet kit conversion with a previous owner. Actually, it is a late model 2CV, probably late 1980s, that got “aged” at the time to get it into the USA. (You can read about that process here in Citroenvie.)

Jay acquired it mouse-infested and for free, having sat outside under a tarp in Southern California for a number of years, but Jay and his crew cleaned it up and put new lather upholstery on the seats. Without doing much else, he now enjoys it as a really nice driver!

Jay gives his usual chat about the car’s characteristics and French quirkiness. Though note to Jay when he mentions the 2 engine 2CV that Citroën offered — it is called the Sahara, not Safari.

Notice that on the lift there is a line on the bottom on the engine that is fed from the bottom of the oil plug. Sort of scary as the normal oil plug has a recess to collect any debris or sludge between oil changes. In this case, that line is probably feeding everything at the bottom of the plug into the receptacle where the oil pressure switch sits. Might want to fix that!

In any event, Jay says it is perky enough they the guys in his garage to use it all the time and scoot about town to pick-up parts and get lunch. It makes people smile and really is a great car to own in Southern California.

Watch the video here:

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