Jean-Luc Comtois – In Memoriam

We are saddened to report the passing of Jean-Luc Comtois, a 2CV legend in Quebec. 

Always up for a 2CV adventure, Jean-Luc Comtois traveled regularly throughout Quebec in 2CV, alone or with other enthusiasts.  His interest in Citroën dated back to his childhood, recalling in a 2017 interview with the webmagazine L’Outarde Libérée that: “I discovered 2CV by reading Tintin.  I immediately said that I wanted one”.  After years of postponing this childhood dream, he jumped on one in 2011, acquiring a white 2CV of 1985, which belonged to a Frenchman in Limoges, France before being brought to Quebec by a Slovenian mechanic. “I fell in love with my little car, and since then I’ve been driving my 6000 km a year,” he said.  Jean-Luc re-painted the little white car adding a Jersey cow-themed paint job.  “I transformed my car like that to put a smile in the face of people, and my greatest pleasure is to see children marvel in front of her”. 

  Jean-Luc Comtois at the wheel if his 2CV in Gaspésie.

In one instance in 2016, accompanied by his friend Bruce Grant from the Ottawa area, Jean-Luc ventured west in Canada.  Bruce recalls; 

“An intelligent and well-travelled man, Jean-Luc had never been west of North Bay in Canada, though he had travelled the world. His spirit of adventure never failed him and he just had to see the one big country that he had missed so far. That’s why he answered my call in 2016. I had taken on the project of delivering a 2CV for a friend in Vancouver.

J-L arrived at my home, ready to depart next day for the West. He explained that we would start out every day at about ten thirty because of his morning meds: an insulin shot and a snack pack of pills, then a waiting period to see if he was good for launch. I demanded to have contact information for his next of kin, just in case.

The little car gave us some problems, but Jean-Luc held up very well.”

You can read about the trip in this article they co-wrote called “A Ride to Vancouver” here:

  Jean-Luc Comtois (left) and Bruce Grant (right) crossing Canada in the late Ross Kembar’s 1985 2CV Charleston. 

Bruce also participated in the last trip that Jean-luc was able to organize;

“This year, Jean-Luc organized our gang of four Deuches for a cruise to the Magdalen Islands and a road trip via the Acadian Coast and Gaspé back to Québec.  His condition was deteriorating day by day and he pushed on through pain trying to finish this final adventure. H e made it only as far as the Islands and drove himself to the hospital at Cap aux Meules.

This quality of Jean-Luc’s is one that I regard highly, the determination to live life to the fullest until finally we have to do that other thing.”

A quality to admire indeed and one that all who know Jean-Luc have been truly inspired by. 

  Jean Luc Comtios in his element.



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