DS Faux Cabriolet on ebay

Recently, this DS convertible was on ebay and drew the ire of a couple of “truly original” DS chapron owners. 


Notably the ad listed no serial number and stated the car has 12 cylinders. 


Typos?  Perhaps, but what really gives it away as a chop job is the D sedan trunk lid. 


One could argue that the very rear treatment was done tastefully, but the bulge on the rear deck and spacing between the rear seats and the trunk lid is hideous.  The car is simply too long! 


To be fair, they are not passing it off as an original DS cabriolet in the ad, or even a reproduction.  It is referred to as a Sallanches which we presume means it was modified from a DS sedan somewhere in the area of Sallanches, France near where the country tucks into the Swiss border just southeast of Geneva.  


There were zero bids on the car even though it was listed on ebay twice.  

At a $122K asking price, it’s a good thing that buyers are thinking carefully about it’s value.



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