Méhari Club Cassis, the 2CV specialist based in the South of France has been providing parts for Méharis and rebuilding them for many years. Now, with the electrification craze in automotive industry in full swing, they have taken to offering what looks like a Méhari but in fact is a brand new car with an electric powertrain. The result is EDEN – a vehicle that pays tribute to the spirit of the original Méhari with what the company claims is a “100% pleasure experience”.

The loss of the sound of the Méhari’s 2-cylinder engine is made up for by the torque available as soon as the wheels start to turn, making EDEN really agile on certain upward and downward gradients on which you need to change into first gear with an internal-combustion Méhari.

Added to that, the “wind in the hair” sensation is further enhanced by the lack of noise and exhaust smell. No exhaust also means a greatly-reduced environmental impact in comparison with the original Méhari.

The EDEN is comparable to the Méhari in power, using a brushless synchronous air-cooled motor shared with the Zero motorbike from the USA.

Its performance is equivalent to the historic 602 cc engine while yielding 90% efficiency. For France, the EDEN conforms to quadricycle rules. That means a maximum of 15kw from the motor, and a 80 km/hr top speed.

Battery power is 48 volts using lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo) technology which has the advantage of being standardized, well-known and ultra-reliable, having been adopted by many manufacturers worldwide. EDEN incorporates an electrical cut-off system in the power connector, to protect users from exposure to an electric shock. And if you only use the EDEN occasionally, take heart that during long-term parking the batteries only lose 3% charge per month.

EDEN can reach 130 km when driven flexibly. It is certified with a fuel self-sufficiency of 131 km (UNECE R40 test – the baseline for all L7e-category vehicles). Knowing that the average Méhari user only does a few dozen kilometers of mileage per day, range is not a major factor for EDEN.

Other differences from a Mehari are; roll bars, 3-point safety belts, electronic dashboard metering and displays, and a balanced mass distribution of 50:50. And then there’s the price; €24,000.

Along with an electric engine, EDEN can be configured with either an original 2CV gearbox, (preserving both the soul of the original Méhari). Even though you can use every gear, with EDEN, you mainly use 2 gears only (apart from reverse) and, in traffic, you can stay in one gear alone without having to use the clutch. So, you get almost the same driving ease as with an automatic gearbox.

A true automatic transmission is available for an additional €990 in a model called the EDEN Easy. Shedding the clutch still allows you to stay faithful to EDEN’s vintage spirit as the 2CV gear change lever for the Easy has been conserved, but is only used to select forward or reverse on the vehicle. And for flexibility and to make the vehicle adaptable to every type of road, the Easy has two differential ratios that can be engaged manually when the vehicle is at standstill:
• one low ratio for crossing obstacles and difficult terrain;
• one high ratio for normal use.

Other options can be added, such as the Club Pack for €300 which offers:

  • Colour and upholstery material of your choice
  • Seat belt colour of your choice
  • Steering wheel and gear stick knob
  • Hood straps colour of your choice
  • Azure white wheel rims
  • Cover

Or, go with the Premium Pack for €600 and realize:

  • Color and upholstery material of your choice
  • Seat belt color of your choice
  • Tip-down front right seat
  • Rear covers on front seats
  • Steering wheel and gear stick knob
  • Sea grass carpet
  • Trunk lid
  • Hood straps color of your choice
  • Azure white wheel rims
  • Cover

The base EDEN model comes in white. If you want another colour, be prepared to pay upwards of €1,950. A hood and doors are €1,000 while bumpers front and back are also an option at €260.

And then there’s the fine print:

Battery usage and charging must be compliant for the 3-year guarantee coverage:
• Do not leave the vehicle battery fully discharged for more than 7 days.
• Do not leave the vehicle and its electrical components exposed to freezing temperatures.
• Do not leave the vehicle and its electrical components exposed to temperatures above 50°C.
• Do not any kind of operation on any of the vehicle’s batteries.

Find out more about the EDEN and EDEN Easy at: https://eden-cassis.co.uk

And check out this YouTube video where Ian Seabrook from HubNut test drives an EDEN :

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