2CV Méhari Club Cassis Moves to Electrify the Deuche

2CV Méhari Club Cassis has made two bold moves to set the company on course for a bright future. The first was a physical move last year to a newly constructed eco-responsible building, and the second, just introduced – an EV kit that users can install to convert their 2CVs to electric power.

Building construction began in early January 2019 and was completed in October 2019. As soon as the construction finished, 120 days of outfitting ensued, so that on February 27, 2020, it could be officially inaugurated.

The new HQ houses all of 2CV Méhari Club Cassis activities including their metal and upholstery workshops, both of which were located in Carnoux-en-Provence. This is, along with warehousing of all stock, offices for the purchasing department, order preparation and shipping department, a car showroom, a lounge for our staff and a meeting room was accomplished to optimize handling operations and provide much greater customer response.

The move also allowed greater and more efficient collaboration in new product development, the first of which was announced in early May 2021.

Drawing on their experience acquired since 2016 in electric mobility, 2CV Méhari Club Cassis have officially become the first French company to have an internal combustion engine to electric car conversion kit approved. Since April 3, 2020 such retrofitting has been authorized in France. Now all internal combustion engine vehicles over 5 years and in good condition can be converted to electric .

The 2CV Méhari Club Cassis product is called the R-FIT kit. It weighs about 100kg but the 2CV’s weight remains the same because you remove the gasoline engine and fuel tank. Batteries are located in the trunk and offer about 90Km of range. A full recharge can be done in about 3 hours and 30 minutes using a regular 220V 16A outlet.

At the moment though, the R-FIT kits are only marketed in France, but in the long term 2CV Méhari Club Cassis have stated that they want to sell them in foreign countries. 

And due to brakes and suspension limitations of early 2CV’s, the R-FIT kit is engineered to fit only 2CVs originally equipped the 602 cc engines.

As for cost, the R-FIT kit can be as low as 9,000€, factoring in government EV incentive rebates. (In France, rebates amount to between 2500€ and 5000€ according to income.)

Best of all, it allows the lowly 2CV to carry on in service and at a price far less than most new electric vehicles. (A notable exception being the new Citroën Ami One Electric, but with it — one is capped at a speed of 60 km/hr).

Soon, happy 2CV6 owners will be able to live a unique EV experience and optimal driving pleasure on the roads of France.

Orders for the R-FIT kit will be taken as of June 1, 2021 via the website: https://rfitvintage.com/

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  1. that’s great! The only funky thing I see is the loss of most of the trunk to batteries but without major mods this is unavoidable

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