Jeff Lane Drives the Absurd at the Lane Motor Museum

by George Dyke…..

Beyond what is the most diverse collection Citroëns in North America, Jeff Lane’s taste for unusual was recently profiled in this video where he shows off some of the more eccentric vehicles at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville.

I had the opportunity back in 2008, at the Meadowbrook Concours in Rochester Hills MI, to take a drive with Jeff in his 1932 Helicron. An experience of a lifetime to be sure!

Essentially a single propeller driven aircraft on 4 wheels, sans wings, Jeff’s Helicron is fitted with a Citroën GS engine as the original motor was lost over time.
Jeff trailered it there for display but actually drove it in and out of the show. There is no screen in front of the propeller, so you are a ‘Veg-O-Matic’ to anything in your path!
We drove over a mile to the staging area at the end of the show — on the road no less — and past at least 2 police cars!
Amazingly, they let us fly by — probably too mesmerized to go after us!
I figured; did they really want the hassle of writing up a ticket having to describe the moving violation of this thing?

On display now at the Lane Motor Museum (through May 31, 2021) are Wingless Wonders: Propeller-Driven Vehicles That Never Took Off. Even if you miss this presentation, there are always a few of these propeller driven wonders to view, along with other modes of transportation that you are unlikely to encounter anywhere else on the planet!

Make sure a visit to the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville is on your bucket list. You never know what you are going to see Jeff driving around in next!

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