Alain Dufour is collector of 1:43 Citroën miniatures and a member of several clubs. Thinking he would find information about Citroën miniatures through them, he discovered that information was sparse. Friends encouraged him to write a book on the history of Citroën through miniatures and though he felt that he lacked sufficient qualities to be a writer, he wanted to create means to interact with other other collectors. As the emergence of miniature models is almost perpetual, Alain felt it would be more useful to create a forum which itself can be anytime there is something to be said about the miniatures and about Citroën.

LA GRANDE AVENTURE DES PETITES CITROËN is a forum that he started in March 2011, when he retired from work leaving him more time to devote to this shared leisure activity. He strives to make it a quality forum saying; “I prefer to take my time and do things well and in line with the expectations of visitors who are passionate about Citroën and miniatures.”

The forum is divided into separate forums of Citroën model type making it easier for everyone to navigate, while making the link between the different eras and the technical progress of Citroën’s engineers prevalent.

A few months ago, he decided to write and distribute to each registered member of the forum a monthly “newsletter” in order to remind those who do not come by regularly that something is always happening on the site. Today, more than 300 members are receiving the “FORUMCHTINIOUZE”. Every month, new members from all over the world join and Alain welcomes them personally as the community grows.

“We are not an established club, there is no membership fee to pay, although sometimes that might help,” says Alain. “This is my home and I welcome you there in friendship as we do in France. I do what I want there without being accountable to anyone. However, I am listening to my friends and, the forum with their help, evolves and grows accordingly. The active participation of all allows it to work without friction and in an atmosphere of healthy and frank camaraderie. People who are cantankerous, rude or even insulting or aggressive are urged to go and show themselves elsewhere. I don’t have the time or inclination to police and no one signs up here to put up with their moods. Our common hobby is collecting minis, not wrestling, however French.”

“Collecting small cars, even if it seems childish to some, contributes to the protection of heritage. Already, for most of us this involves a form of nostalgia connecting us to our early youth and, through these scale models, a return to the carefree days of innocence. For some, it is also the memory of loved ones that invades them. Curiosity has, for me, prompted active research, in the history of the chevron brand, for evocations of the evolution of vehicles at Citroën.”

Along with his passion for Citroën miniatures, Alain is providing notification of the releases and forecasts of miniatures from the various manufacturers and distributors. This includes the bodybuilders and engine manufacturers, and specialists in light and utility vehicles, from the 1920s to the present day, who have a relationship with Citroën.

Thanks to his privileged relationships with real enthusiasts, Alain is also able to offer exclusive creations of miniatures directly made by craftsmen he has met during his travels in the extended world of small car enthusiasts.

If you are a collector and passionate about Citroën miniatures, Alain invites you to join for free here:

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