Every so often we hear from someone who comes across a Citroën and is fascinated enough to do some research to satisfy their curiosity. The other day, Rick Kelly emailed us and attached 2CV artwork that is very impressive. He writes: “I recently did a digital “painting” of a Citroën 2CV. I saw the car my drawing is based on in Vernon, BC. I came across your website when doing some research on the 2CV, a vehicle I’ve always thought very interesting.”

Most 2CV renderings we come across, done by novices, art students, and even professional designers have obvious flaws. Usually the proportions just aren’t right and they tend to miss details that Rick has nailed. And this is just a hobby for Rick! He writes:

My whole life I’ve had an interest in cars, and my brother Jim is to blame for starting it. When I was growing up in the fifties, Jim (who is ten years older than me), taught me to recognize the year, make, and model of just about every car that cruised by in sleepy old Kelowna, BC. He made quite a bit of spare change betting friends his six-year-old brother could name nine out of the next ten cars to go by. Sadly, I was too young to know I should be asking for a cut of the winnings.
The cars of the thirties, forties and fifties remain my major area of automotive interest, but both older and newer ones can also catch my eye as well. Particularly if they look good and/or go fast! Or if they were game-changers in design or engineering, like the Volkswagen Beetle, the Citroën 2CV, the Mercedes 300 SL and even the Mazda Miata.
For years I’ve gone to car shows and automotive museums all over the world. Almost every trip my wife and I have made, has included an automotive photographic destination of some sort. In fact, on our honeymoon, we spent a day at the original Harrah’s Auto Collection in Reno, Nevada. Thank goodness she puts up with my obsession.
Although I’ve not had any formal art training, I’ve always liked drawing, mainly automotive subjects. After graduating from “Building Technology” at BCIT, my work experience began as a building construction inspector, followed by years of architectural drafting, then technical illustrator/writer for Western Star Trucks and finally computer graphic arts both freelance and as Art Director for a label printing company, all of which has given me the technical experience to explore my interest in creating digital artwork with an automotive theme.

Rick went on the say; “My image of the 2CV is the latest in my shared photo library – if you would like to post it one your website, I would be pleased. Here’s the link to my library… https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0vJtdOXmJKQxAc

Rick, it’s our pleasure and thank you for sharing. Job really well done!


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