We had to share this video with you.  It is so refreshing to hear a devoted concours classic car owner talk about the joy of driving a classic car rather than simply showing it.  In this case the owner of a gorgeous Mercedes-Benz 300SL talks about the experience of ownership; interacting with the public, driving to events and the joy of caring for this marvelous car.   Beautifully produced by eGarage, with the fitting title “Poetry in Motion,” it demonstrates the achievement an enthusiast can attain when truly living out a dream.

You’ll love the story the visuals and the sound of that direct-injected (yes, it was the first direct-injected gasoline automobile engine in production) 3.0-liter straight six under the hood as it sings, growls, roars, and purrs like few others on the road.  Simply glorious.


Mercedes 300 SL owner

Click here or on the picture above to view the video.