Rémy Julienne — Another loss of one of the “Greats” to Covid.

Rémy Julienne died in France on the evening of January 21, 2021 from COVID-19. He was the King of film car stunts and plenty of them involved Citroëns, including the famous 2CV sequence in the James Bond film ‘For Your Eyes Only’.

As a tribute to his work, here’s some proper Citroën and Fiat carnage from his films. No CGI, the barest of safety equipment and a whole lot of guts: (The part that starts at 8.58 was shot in Montreal).

Early on

Rémy Julienne was born in 1930, the son of café owners in the town of Cepoy, 110 km south-east of Paris. During World War 2, he was dared by children evacuated from Paris to ride a bicycle across the local canal, which inspired him to start riding motocross.


In his early 20’s Julienne became French motocross champion in 1957, which brought him to the attention of eminent stunt co-coordinator Gil Delamare. Through Delamare, Julienne’s first screen appearance in 1964 was replacing actor Jean Marais, and in 1966 he played a German army motorcyclist in La Grande Vadrouille.

After Delamare’s tragic death during a stunt in 1966, Julienne stepped-in and agreed to fulfill contracts Delamare had signed with various film studios. Julienne’s scientific approach which created spectacular on-screen images garnered him admiration within the industry in an age before computer modelling. Working initially in French film and TV, and occasional Hollywood films shot in Europe, his developing reputation led to his employment on the British film The Italian Job. Producer Michael Deeley later commented that “During our initial meeting with Rémy, Peter Collinson [the film’s director] and I were delighted to discover that he was prepared to take the chase sequence even further than we had envisaged, suggesting a different range of hair-raising stunts that could be written into the script.” Julienne planned and co-ordinated all of the vehicle sequences, including the epic Mini chase sequence through the streets and roof tops of Turin.

“Very often people ask, ‘what was my favourite stunt?’ I’d say the jump between the two Fiat factory roofs must be the one, because it was emotional, because it was difficult. We worked on the ground, we prepared the ramps, calculated distances, speeds etc. [Originally] it was decided I had to do three separate jumps in each Mini. I explained that, as the roof was very wide, we could make the three Minis jump all together… it looked much better as a shot. It was more complicated, but really amazing.”

He became Hollywood’s go-to vehicle stunt coordinator, best publicly known for his stunts on six James Bond films, five of which were directed by John Glen. Julienne became known for Bond sequences which made ordinary cars do extraordinary things, such as the Citroën 2CV in For Your Eyes Only, the Renault 11 in A View To A Kill, and the petrol semi-tanker in Licence To Kill in which a Kenworth performed a wheelie. “The tanker chase was the most dangerous sequence I ever devised” said Glen, who also noted that Julienne was fastidious in his preparation.

Julienne was eventually involved in over 1,400 films. His choreographed stunt sequences were usually destructive, with high-speed chases and highly realistic vehicle behaviour. French car manufacturers, notably Renault and Citroën, frequently called on his services for their TV and film commercials, and he had a noted partnership with Italian manufacturer Fiat in the 1980s. In November 2005, Julienne was contracted by French TV station M6 to consult on a French-language remake of the 1970s series Starsky and Hutch.

In 1999 during the filming of Taxi 2, written and produced by Luc Besson and directed by Gérard Krawczyk, a stunt sequence caused the death of a cameraman Alain Dutartre and the serious injury of the cameraman’s assistant. Clearing Besson’s firm EuropaCorp of all charges, the Prosecutor held Julienne solely responsible accusing him of “not taking all the necessary measures for the security of the stunt in question” and notably to have “neglected the speed calculations of the car and the length of the jump”, handing Julienne an 18-month suspended jail sentence and a €13,000 fine. Julienne appealed, accusing Besson’s production company EuropaCorp of taking short cuts in safety equipment, and rejecting Julienne’s offers to trial the car scene in question due to cost. The Paris Court of Appeal reversed the ruling in June 2009, and ordered EuropaCorp pay €100,000. Julienne’s jail sentence was reduced to six months, and his fine reduced to €2,000, but he was required to pay the Dutartre family €50,000 in court costs.

Julienne began a school in France to provide drivers and mechanics with the specialized skills needed for stunt work. He also coordinated the attraction Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular at Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris.

His sons Michel and Dominique are also highly skilled stunt drivers/coordinators, and now run the family business.

Here’s a list of films featuring Rémy Julienne’s stunts:

 2017 Void and Method (Short) (stunts)

 2013 Getaway (stunts – as Remy Julienne)

 2006 A View to a Kill: Alternate and Expanded Angle Scenes with Director John Glen (Video documentary short) (driving stunts arranger: Paris)

 2006 The Da Vinci Code (stunt coordinator: France)

 2005 A Sound of Thunder (car stunt coordinator)

 2005 The Girl from the Chartreuse (stunt arranger: car accident)

 2004 Wake of Death (car stunt director)

 2002 Sauvetage (TV Series) (car stunts – 1 episode)

 2002 Steal (stunts – uncredited)

 2001 Le violon brisé (TV Movie) (stunt coordinator – as Rémi Julienne)

 2001 The Body (stunts)

 2000 Antilles sur Seine (stunt coordinator: car stunts)

 2000 Taxi 2 (stunt driving coordinator)

 1999 Simon Sez (vehicle stunt director)

 1999 Un cadeau, la vie! (TV Movie) (stunt coordinator)

 1998 Les jeux sont faits! (Short) (stunts)

 1998 Madeline (stunt coordinator)

 1998 RPM (car stunts coordinator)

 1998 1 chance sur 2 (stunt coordinator)

 1997 La cible (stunt coordinator: car stunts)

 1997 A Witch’s Way of Love (stunt driver)

 1997 Double Team (stunts)

 1996 Crash Kids (TV Movie) (stunts)

 1996 The School Teacher (TV Series) (stunts – 1 episode)

 1996 Passage à l’acte (stunts)

 1996 Maximum Risk (stunt coordinator: Nice – as Remy Julienne)

 1996 Surviving Picasso (stunt coordinator – as Remi Julienne)

 1996 The Eighth Day (stunts)

 1995 Mr. Stitch (TV Movie) (stunt coordinator)

 1995 GoldenEye (car chase stunts – as Remy Julienne)

 1995 Antarctica (stunts)

 1995 Stories from the Kronen (stunt driver)

 1994 Ready to Wear (stunts – as Remy Julienne)

 1994 Julie Lescaut (TV Series) (stunt coordinator – 1 episode)

 1993 A Crime (stunts)

 1993 La joie de vivre (stunt coordinator)

 1993 Armen and Bullik (TV Movie) (car stunts coordinator)

 1993 The Little Apocalypse (stunts)

 1992 Les danseurs du Mozambique (TV Movie) (stunts)

 1992 La gamine (stunt coordinator)

 1991 L’alerte rouge (TV Movie) (stunts)

 1991 Walking a Tightrope (stunt driver)

 1991 Operation Condor (stunt coordinator)

 1991 Once a Thief (car stunts)

 1991 Netchaïev est de retour (stunts)

 1990 Fire, Ice & Dynamite (car stunts)

 1990 Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception (TV Movie) (stunts: Paris Crew – as Remy Julienne Action)

 1989 Le Retour d’Arsène Lupin (TV Series) (stunts – 1 episode)

 1989 Race for Glory (stunt coordinator)

 1989 Tennessee Waltz (stunt coordinator – as Remy Julienne)

 1989 Licence to Kill (driving stunts arranger – as Remy Julienne)

 1989 Rally (TV Mini-Series) (acrobatic sequences – 4 episodes)

 1989 Do Not Cry My Love (stunts)

 1988 Honor Bound (stunt coordinator)

 1988 Big Man (TV Series) (stunts – 2 episodes)

 1988 Se lo scopre Gargiulo (stunt coordinator)

 1988 Strange Place for an Encounter (stunts)

 1988 Les années sandwiches (stunts)

 1988 Les nouveaux chevaliers du ciel (TV Series) (stunt driver – 1 episode)

 1988 Frantic (stunt double: car stunts)

 1988 The Unbearable Lightness of Being (stunt coordinator – as Remy Julienne)

 1987 Grand Larceny (TV Movie) (stunt coordinator)

 1987 Sweet Lies (stunt coordinator)

 1987 Easy Money (stunt coordinator: car stunts)

 1987 The Living Daylights (driving stunts arranger – as Remy Julienne)

 1987 Happy Anniversary 007: 25 Years of James Bond (TV Movie documentary) (car stunts – as Remy Julienne)

 1987 The Loner (stunt coordinator)

 1987 Lévy et Goliath (driving stunts coordinator) / (stunts)

 1986 La vie dissolue de Gérard Floque (stunts)

 1986 Bad Blood (stunts)

 1986 Solarbabies (stunt coordinator: vehicle stunts)

 1986 Twist Again in Moscow (stunt coordinator)

 1986 A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later (stunt driver)

 1986 Bleu comme l’enfer (stunts)

 1986 My Brother-in-law Killed My Sister (stunt coordinator)

 1986 The Female Executioner (stunts – as Remy Julienne Action)

 1985 Renault 11 ‘A View to a Kill’ Television Commercial (Video short) (driving stunts arranger) / (stunt double driver: Roger Moore – uncredited)

 1985 Joan Lui – Ma un giorno nel paese arrivo io di lunedì (stunt driver)

 1985 Honeymoon (stunts)

 1985 Target (stunt coordinator)

 1985 Hold-Up (stunt coordinator)

 1985 Tristesse et beauté (stunts)

 1985 A View to a Kill (driving stunts arranger – as Remy Julienne) / (stunt double driver: Roger Moore – uncredited)

 1985 Stronghold (stunts – as Remy Julienne)

 1985 Sincerely Charlotte (stunts)

 1984 La 7ème cible (car stunts)

 1984 Raison perdue (TV Movie) (stunt driving coordinator – as Remy Julienne)

 1984 Black Sequence (TV Series) (stunts – 1 episode)

 1984 Happy Easter (stunt coordinator)

 1984 Until September (stunt coordinator)

 1984 Sheena (stunts – as Remy Julienne)

 1984 La femme publique (stunt coordinator – as Remy Julienne)

 1984 The Judge (stunts)

 1984 Delitto in Formula Uno (acrobatics – as Remy Julienne Action)

 1984 Dog Day (stunt coordinator – as RemyJulienne)

 1983 Le marginal (stunt coordinator)

 1983 The Hawk (stunts)

 1983 Flics de choc (stunts)

 1983 Octopussy (driving stunts arranger – as Remy Julienne)

 1983 Trenchcoat (stunt coordinator – as Remy Julienne)

 1983 Deadly Circuit (stunts)

 1983 Le battant (stunt coordinator – as équipe Rémy Julienne)

 1982 Fake-Out (stunt coordinator – as Remy Julienne) / (stunts – as Remy Julienne)

 1982 Le quart d’heure américain (stunts – uncredited)

 1982 Ace of Aces (stunt coordinator)

 1982 The Troops & Troop-ettes (stunt coordinator)

 1982 Smiley’s People (TV Mini-Series) (stunt arranger – 1 episode)

  • Episode #1.1 (1982) … (stunt arranger – as Remy Julienne)

 1982 Jugando con la muerte (action coordinator: car stunts – as Remy Julienne)

 1982 Jamais avant le mariage (stunts)

 1982 All Fired Up (stunts)

 1981 Rioda (TV Movie) (car stunts)

 1981 The Professional (stunt coordinator)

 1981 Pour la peau d’un flic (stunt driving coordinator – as Equipe Rémy Julienne)

 1981 Condorman (stunt supervisor) / (stunts – uncredited)

 1981 For Your Eyes Only (driving stunts arranger – as Remy Julienne)

 1981 Beau-père (stunt coordinator)

 1981 Asphalt (stunt coordinator)

 1980 Inspector Blunder (stunts)

 1980 Three Men to Kill (stunt driving coordinator)

 1980 The Umbrella Coup (stunts)

 1980 Los últimos golpes de ‘El Torete’ (stunt coordinator)

 1980 Légitime défense (TV Movie) (stunt driving coordinator)

 1980 5% de risque (stunts)

 1980 The Hostage Tower (TV Movie) (stunts)

 1980 Rat Race (stunts)

 1980 Le guignolo (stunts)

 1980 It Rained All Night the Day I Left (car stunts co-ordinator – as Remy Julienne)

 1980 Speed Cross (stunt coordinator)

 1980 Cinéma 16 (TV Series) (stunts – 1 episode)

 1980 Les 400 coups de Virginie (TV Mini-Series) (stunt coordinator – 1 episode)

 1979 Perros callejeros II (stunt coordinator – as Remy Julienne)

 1979 I’m for the Hippopotamus (stunt cars coordinator)

 1979 Demons of the South (stunts)

 1979 The Police War (stunt coordinator)

 1979 The Red Sweater (stunts)

 1979 Un juge, un flic (TV Series) (stunts – 5 episodes)

 1979 Cop or Hood (driving stunts coordinator)

 1979 Les égouts du paradis (stunts)

 1979 Hothead (stunts)

 1979 Love and Bullets (stunt driver)

 1979 The Crying Woman (stunts)

 1978 The Escape (stunt coordinator) / (stunts)

 1978 Il giorno dei cristalli (TV Movie) (stunt driver)

 1978 Sam et Sally (TV Series) (stunt coordinator – 1 episode)

 1978 These Sorcerers Are Mad (stunt coordinator)

 1978 State Reasons (car stunt coordinator – as Julienne Remy)

 1978 The New Beaujolais Wine Has Arrived… (stunts)

 1978 Dirty Dishes (stunts)

 1978 Dirty Dreamer (stunt coordinator)

 1977 Death of a Corrupt Man (car stunt coordinator)

 1977 Street Warriors (stunt coordinator – as Remy Julienne)

 1977 Animal (stunts)

 1977 La menace (truck stunt director) / (truck stunts)

 1977 This Sweet Sickness (stunt driver)

 1977 Bobby Deerfield (stunt coordinator – as Remy Julienne)

 1977 Bonjour Amour (stunts)

 1977 Poliziotto sprint (stunt coordinator – as Remi Julienne)

 1977 Replay (stunt coordinator)

 1977 Ben et Bénédict (stunt performer)

 1977 À chacun son enfer (stunts)

 1977 A Straight Laced Girl (stunt coordinator)

 1976 Commissaire Moulin (TV Series) (stunt coordinator – 1 episode)

 1976 The Wing or The Thigh? (stunts)

 1976 Now We’ve Seen It All! (car stunts)

 1976 The Sell-Out (stunt driver – as Remy Julienne)

 1976 The Probability Factor (stunt coordinator)

 1976 La situation est grave… mais pas désespérée (stunts)

 1976 Love and Cool Water (stunts)

 1976 Strange Shadows in an Empty Room (stunt coordinator: car stunts)

 1975 Closed Up-Tight (stunt coordinator)

 1975 From Hong Kong with Love (car stunts)

 1975 The Gypsy (stunts)

 1975 Le Sauvage (car stunt coordinator)

 1975 Blonde in Black Leather (stunts)

 1975 L’uomo che sfidò l’organizzazione (car stunts)

 1975 Il faut vivre dangereusement (stunts)

 1975 Pas de problème! (stunts)

 1975 Weak Spot (stunts)

 1975 L’agression (stunts)

 1975 The Night Caller (stunts)

 1975 La pupa del gangster (stunt coordinator – as Remy Julienne) / (stunt driver – as Remy Julienne)

 1974 The Slap (stunts)

 1974 Like a Pot of Strawberries (stunts)

 1974 Hold-Up, instantánea de una corrupción (stunts)

 1974 S*P*Y*S (stunt driving coordinator)

 1974 And Now My Love (stunts)

 1974 Who? (stunt coordinator)

 1974 Watch Out, We’re Mad (stunt driver – as Remy Julienne)

 1974 Shoot First, Die Later (car stunt coordinator)

 1974 El último viaje (stunt coordinator)

 1973 Mean Frank and Crazy Tony (stunt coordinator – as Remi Julienne)

 1973 The Magnificent Dare Devil (driving stunts – as Remy Julienne Driving Team)

 1973 The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob (stunt coordinator)

 1973 The Crazy Capo Affair (stunt coordinator)

 1973 The Big Store (stunts)

 1973 High Crime (stunt driving coordinator – uncredited)

 1973 Happy New Year (stunts)

 1973 Barcelona Kill (stunt coordinator)

 1973 Escape to Nowhere (stunts)

 1973 Without Warning (stunts)

 1973 La brigade en folie (stunts)

 1973 Some Too Quiet Gentlemen (stunt coordinator)

 1973 The Insolent (stunt coordinator)

 1972 The Hell Below (stunts)

 1972 Summertime Killer (stunts: France – as Remy Julienne)

 1971 Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! (stunts)

 1971 The Burglars (stunts: car chase sequence)

 1971 Perched on a Tree (stunt coordinator)

 1970 Cold Sweat (stunt coordinator – uncredited)

 1970 Atlantic Wall (stunts)

 1970 Qui? (stunts)

 1970 Falling Point (stunts)

 1970 French Intrigue (stunts)

 1970 Only the Cool (stunts)

 1969 The Italian Job (stunt coordinator – uncredited) / (stunt double: Michael Caine – uncredited) / (stunt driver – uncredited) / (stunts – uncredited)

 1968 The Great Chase (stunt coordinator)

 1968 Showdown (stunts)

 1967 Operation St. Peter’s (stunt coordinator)

 1967 Sorrel Flower (stunt coordinator)

 1966 La Grande Vadrouille (stunts – uncredited)

 1965 Ivory Coast Adventure (stunts)

 1964 Fantomas (stunts)

Rémy Julienne

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