In 1919, Adolphe Kégresse joined Citroën’s “All-terrain” Vehicle Department and 1920 and designed the first model of the famous Citroën Kégresse, that in various forms was produced from 1921 to 1940.

Adolphe Kégresse
Adolphe Kégresse demonstrating his “half-track” at Citroën’s Vehicle Department.

François-Gilles Ricard is launching a KickStarter project in March that is a board game based on La Croissiere Noir, the famous Citroën Kegresse expedition that took place on the African continent from October 28, 1924, to June 26, 1925.

La Croissiere Noir

Also called “Citroën Center Africa Expedition” or “2nd Haardt Audouin-Dubreuil mission”, (the first was to Egypt), it was envisioned and backed by André Citroën in order to make his company better known and to open a regular motor route crossing the African continent.

André Citroën

The game will be replete with moulded Kégresse vehicle pieces and, as the name says, is a great race that puts the various Kégresse vehicles in competition.

You can see more development pics of the game here: and film footage clips of the Croissiere Noir here:

Look for The Great Race game on Kickstarter and back it if you’d like to play a Citroën Croissiere Noir adventure at home later in 2020!