Tavares Names Executive Team to Steer Stellantis

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares announced today that the company is establishing an efficient governance from day one with the appointment of the top executive team, together with the nine dedicated committees covering company-wide performance and strategy.

The committees are:

  1. Strategy Council
  2. Business Review
  3. Global Program
  4. Industrial
  5. Allocations
  6. Region
  7. Brand
  8. Styling Review
  9. Brand Review

Tavares said: “This highly competitive, committed and well-balanced team will leverage its combined skills and diverse backgrounds to guide Stellantis to become a great company.”

The announced executive structure of Stellantis is:

Chief Executive Officer: Carlos Tavares

Strategic and Performance

  • Head of Americas: Mike Manley
  • Global Corporate Office: Silvia Vernetti
  • Chief Performance Officer: Emmanuel Delay
  • Chief Software Officer: Yves Bonnefont
  • Chief Affiliates Officer: Philippe de Rovira(*) 
    (*) Sales Finance, Used Cars, Parts and Service, Retail Network

Region Chief Operating Officers

  • Enlarged Europe: Maxime Picat
    • Deputy: Davide Mele
    • Eurasia: Xavier Duchemin
  • North America: Mark Stewart
  • South America: Antonio Filosa
  • Middle East & Africa: Samir Cherfan
  • China: Grégoire Olivier – Interim, in charge of DPCA
  • India and Asia Pacific: Carl Smiley 
    • Asean: Christophe Musy

Brand Chief Executive Officers

  • Global SUV
    • Jeep: Christian Meunier – Synergies Referent
  • American Brands
    • Chrysler: Timothy Kuniskis – Interim
    • Dodge: Timothy Kuniskis  – Synergies Referent
    • RAM: Mike Koval
  • Core
    • Citroën: Vincent Cobee
    • Fiat & Abarth: Olivier Francois – Synergies Referent & Global Chief Marketing Officer
  • Upper mainstream
    • Opel & Vauxhall: Michael Lohscheller 
    • Peugeot: Linda Jackson – Synergies Referent
  • Premium
    • Alfa Romeo: Jean-Philippe Imparato Synergies Referent
    • DS: Béatrice Foucher 
    • Lancia: Luca Napolitano
  • Luxury
    • Maserati: Davide Grasso
  • Mobility
    • Free2Move: Brigitte Courtehoux
    • Leasys: Giacomo Carelli 

Global Function Chief Officers

  • Finance: Richard Palmer
  • Human Resources & Transformation: Xavier Chereau 
  • General Counsel: Giorgio Fossati 
  • Planning: Olivier Bourges 
  • Purchasing & Supply Chain: Michelle Wen
  • Manufacturing: Arnaud Deboeuf 
  • Design: Ralph Gilles (Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep / Ram / Maserati / FIAT Latin America)
  • Engineering: Harald Wester
    • Deputy: Patrice Lucas – Cross car line and project engineering
    • Deputy: Nicolas Morel
  • Leasys: Giacomo Carelli
  • CTO: To be defined
  • Sales & Marketing: Thierry Koskas
  • Customer Experience: Richard Schwarzwald 
  • Deputy: Jean-Christophe Quemard 
  • Communication & CSR: Bertrand Blaise

We note that Linda Jackson, former CEO of Citroën, has been moved to Peugeot with the responsibility of Synergies Referent. What’s even more telling is that the Citroën brand is classified along with Fiat and Abarth as being “Core”, while above Core status are: Upper Mainsteam (with Peugeot, Opel & Vauxhall), Premium (Alfa Romeo, DS and Lancia), and Luxury (Maserati). It is a shame, but not surprising to see Citroën equated to Fiat.

Link to Executive profiles:


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