The Ami 100% Electric isn’t coming to us — but get ready for Sarit

by George Dyke….

Pegged as the new game-changing Micro-Mobility Vehicle, the Sarit (Safe Affordable Reliable Innovative Transport) backed by former Magna International CEO Frank Stronach, may fill the void for Citroên fanatics not being able to acquire an Ami 100% Electric over here.

Frank Stronach

Though hardly as cute or as comfortable (to whatever degree that is) as the Ami, the Sarit aims to satisfy a similar need. A mere 6.5’ long, 3.5’ wide and 5’ high, it has bobsled style seating for 2 and provides EV mobility of up to 100 kms per charge with a top speed of 32 km/h, not quite that of the Ami’s 40 km/h ability.

And like the Ami Electric, it can be plugged into any household electrical socket, at a claimed ‘under-a-dollar’ cost to fully charge.

Developed in Aurora, ON, the Sarit is undergoing final approval for road use and in Ontario it will be able to be driven on roads with speed limits posted under 60 KM/h (just about everything but expressways in Toronto). The company is working on gaining similar acceptance throughout Canada and the USA.

I got to drive a Sarit prototype earlier this week. Being 6’ 6” tall I was pleasantly surprised that I had more than adequate room inside, although it would have been very tight for a person behind me had one been there.

The handle bar steering and controls are like a motor-scooter. Twist the right grip for acceleration and you have 3 selectable torque choices on the right grip. A selector switch for forward or reverse is on the left.

Stopping power is by 3-wheel hydraulic disc brakes with parking brake.

The ride was harsh as there was virtually no suspension in the rear, perhaps a dealbreaker as you have to avoid most any pothole. Overall I felt like I was riding in a cross between a 3-wheeler that has been available for disabled people and an enclosed Vespa.

The one thing you won’t have to worry about in this 3 wheeler is a rollover. With the battery drivetrain being positioned low you won’t be in for a Jeremy Clarkson Reliant Robin experience. (BTW; Top Gear admitted that for comedic effect, they selectively weighted the Robins so they would rollover.)

Sarit also showed off a 4-wheel open rear bed delivery version where two people can ride squeezed-in side by side.

On all models the doors, windows and cargo area can be locked. And the doors can be removed easily for more “open-air’ motoring by just lifting them off the pins of the two hinges on each door.

Snow tires will be available for winter driving, presumably with the doors on.

Pricing is projected to be $7,995 US for the 3-wheel version and in cities such as Toronto you can expect them to be available later this year on an rental basis, in a similar manner to the way bike sharing works.

Although the Sarit will be “street legal” the hope is that cites in North America will begin to create dedicated routes for vehicles like the Sarit by letting them on expanded bike pathways and in allocated bike lanes on current roads.

If anything, I hope the Sarit sets the stage for other Mico-Mobility Vehicles to be allowed on our roads. Perhaps our Government will allow us to import a new Ami Electric and use it in a similar manner, but don’t expect to get one through Canadian or USA Stellantis dealer networks. They are 100% obsessed on moving EV versions of Jeeps, RAM pick-ups, the new Airflow crossover and their ProMaster truck offerings. The Citroën Ami electric isn’t even on their radar screen over here.

More information on the Sarit can be found at:


  1. Now that could be fun… depending on maintenance requirements and reliability. As an older guy, it’s getting tough to do the 2CV hands-on activity needed. Any thought about future options for heat? Insurance?

    1. According to Sarit, heat generated from the motor is sufficient to heat the cabin to a comfortable level in winter months. I take that to mean somewhat above freezing. 🙂 As for insurance, they say it should be comparable to a moped or e-bike.

  2. From what I understand, there won’t be an optional heater or AC for this Micro Mobility Scooter. I live in Waterloo and this unit would be great for running around just anywhere in this city. Would be interesteed knowing if the optional items mentioned would be in the works in the near future.

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