The Philadelphia Story – with an XM Twist

There was an ad on Philadelphia Craigslist this summer with a rather unusual offer.  The ad title stated: “Free Running and Driving Citroën (Please Read Details)”.  What the ad proposed was that you need to drive the person giving you this XM to parties and other events in the Philadelphia area.

“It will be your car and you may use it as much or as little as you please.  On weekends and some weeknights I will require a ride to and from center city Philadelphia with some occasional local rides. Mainly Friday and Saturday nights.  I’m am NOT talking a full-time chauffeur gig.  I will provide at least 2 hours notice, more if possible, for all pickups and drop-offs because obviously, you need a life too.  I’ll even pay for gas and insurance as long as our deal is in place.”

Jalopnik picked-up on the ad in a story they titled “Will Give You a Free Citroën if You’ll Drive Them Around a Bit”.   They contacted the owner to see if he was for real.  Apparently he is and responded saying; “My dream is to walk out of a bar in Philadelphia at closing into a sea of boring Vomit filled Uber’s and have my Bertone styled space shuttle pick me up. I’m trying to make that a reality but I need to find the right person. I can’t just trust anybody driving one of the rarest cars in the country.”

Man, that’s a deal that can we see going off the rails in so many ways!

Here’s a link to the Jalopnik article:

The comments at the bottom are most entertaining!



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