Three European Traction Avant Parts Suppliers Consolidate

It was announced today that as of November 22, 2018, the investment group Parts Chain Company (PCC) has taken over all activities of Traction Avant José Franssen, based in Belgium.  De Graaf Spare Parts Service and CTA Service are also part of the PCC holding.

PPC says that all the spare parts for your beloved Traction Avant can be found one address and that the existing price-quality ratio and service you know from De Graaf and CTA remains guaranteed as well as the fast delivery and customer service.  Their press release, however, does not specify what the one URL will be for sourcing Citroën parts.  We presume it will be

The founder and owner, José Franssen of said company, has developed his business over the past 52 years into a well known and reliable name in Belgium and internationally.  This as a result of his knowledge and love for the Traction Avant.

For almost 50 years De Graaf and CTA have been leaders in this specific spare parts field.  Together the intent is to form a trust-worthy address worldwide for all parts of the Citroën classics; Traction Avant, 2CV, DS, HY and the Renault R4.  It is a noble intent and we wish them success in achieving their objective.  

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