Citroënvie member Erik de Widt has just finished a major rebuild on an expanding HY Van that served as a mobile field hospital.  Some Citroën HY vans were fitted with an odd but interesting telescoping trailer setup made by a company known as Currus in France.  This is one such vehicle. 

When examining the fainted paint they found a marking saying Sapeurs Pompiers SAMUR.  The idea was to bring the ambulance/hospital onto the site where needed and leave it there, and then to drive off with the cab. Check out the video of it contracting here:

Erik says that such a restoration is not for the faint of heart but is pleased to report that now and all works as it should.  He is now debating whether to bring it to the US.  Does anybody need an H Van that grows to offer greater room?  What a way to show you have a growing business! 

Check out a full detailed gallery of photos here:

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