Thijs van der Zanden at Citrovisie has just published 2 new Citroën books in English and just in time for Christmas:

In “Citroën XM, The Stranded Flagship”, Thijs tells the fascinating story behind the XM. From the first sketches and prototypes to its introduction, the first models and all the variants Citroën added to the range over the years, including the variants made by companies like Tissier where XMs were transformed into ‘load haulers’. The XM’s that never got beyond the drawing board are also covered in the book. Memories and anecdotes from various people involved enliven the story and the numerous illustrations (much of them have never been published before).

Price: €47,50

IBAN: 978-90-832960-0-5

You can view more and order here:

“Sketchbook of a Citroën Designer”, by Dan Abramson covers the 21 years he worked for Citroën as an automotive designer. His work included the XM, Xantia, C6 and countless projects that never got beyond the drawing board. When Dan left Citroën, he was asked to clean his desk, but felt bad about throwing his work in the bin and decided to save his sketches. This work is now compiled in this book. Accompanied by countless memories and amusing anecdotes, it gives a unique insight into Dan’s work as a Citroën designer.

Price: €22,95

IBAN: 978-90-831417-7-0

View more and order here:

Thijs says that for those that order now, delivery will take place at end of November. He adds: “But don’t wait too long, give Father Christmas enough time to send you your presents.”

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