Ultimate Hillclimber – 4 cylinder Méhari 4×4

Citroënvie member Mike Gillespie came across this very unusual Méhari 4×4 for sale in Switzerland while searching for a different car. 4×4 Méharis are rare in their own right (they only made about 1,300 4×4 out of nearly 145,000 Meharis overall) but this one was built for the Andorra Army (who knew they had one) and it has a GS engine!

GS 1211 cc 4-cylinder engine in a Méhari.

With a displacement of 1211 cc and producing 58 HP, you could literally blow the roof off the car as its top speed is probably in excess of 135 km/hr! And with power to all 4 wheels, it has the ability to climb virtually any Swiss mountain trail.

At 45,000 Swiss Francs ($45,765 US) that’s quite a bit more money than even a Méhari 4×4, but we have never seen a mention of this model in any of the Citroën books we have read.

In 1979, Citroën launched the Méhari 4×4 with drive to all four wheels. Unlike the 2CV Sahara 4×4, the Méhari had only one engine, rather than one engine per axle.

The 4×4 version is distinguished by its spare wheel mounted on the specially designed bonnet, its additional bumpers, front and rear, and taillights similar to the Citroën Acadiane van.

It has a gearbox with four normal speeds and a three-speed transfer gearbox for crossing slopes up to a 60% grade. At the time, the Méhari 4×4 was one of the few 4x4s with four-wheel independent suspension and all-wheel (inboard) disc brakes.

A Mehari 4×4 is rare, but this one would be really special to own!

Here’s the listing: https://www.oldtimergalerie.ch/en/73/23/?oid=65&lang=en#/detail/citro-n-m-hari-4×4-1980/651

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