Update on the “Crocolion” 2CV

Back in November 2014 Frank Locker bought a most unusual 2CV; a one of a kind twin engine Citroën rally car built in France by the late great Jack Hannon.   We featured it at:  https://citroenvie.com/if-you-need-a-bit-more-power-in-that-2cv/

As champion 2CV cross driver (a category for 2CV cars to race on dirt roads/track) Jack was looking to do more with his 2CV.  It was a time when 4 wheel drive cars were not available and with a great deal of ingenuity, resourcefulness and some 3000 hours, Jack built the only 2CV to break 200 km/hr off road.  It became known as “Crocolion” as in crocodile-lion.

Frank’s mission since then has been to bring it back to life (as it has been in storage 15-20 years).  The two engine 2CV has been in the shop since December.  Jack’s mechanic works on it when he gets a chance.

Frank Locker Crocolion 2CV in shop 1  Frank Locker Crocolion 2CV in shop 2  Frank Locker Crocolion 2CV in shop 3
Parts had to be sourced from Australia, Greece, Germany, and UK.  And two 25 gallon racing fuel cells were fabricated to fit inside the roll cage.

Frank Locker Crocolion 2CV in shop 4
As you can see, progress is coming along nicely and Frank hopes to have it on the road (and off-roading) very soon.

We’ll have another report on Crocolion when it’s finished!

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