Crocolion Readied for Lime Rock

We are pleased to report that Crocolion 2CV is almost finished and with a bit of luck will be ready for the Lime Rock Concours D’Elegance over Labor Day.
Frank Locker purchased this 2 one of a kind twin engine rally car back in November 2014 in Montreal, where it had been in storage for nearly 20 years.  It was originally built in France by the late great Jack Hannon who was a champion 2CV cross driver (a category for 2CV cars to race on dirt roads/track).  Jack was looking to do more with a 2CV.  It was a time when 4 wheel drive cars were not available and with a great deal of ingenuity, resourcefulness and some 3000 hours, Jack built the only 2CV to break 200 km/hr off road.  It became known as “Crocolion” as in crocodile-lion.

Frank’s mission since then has been to bring it back to life. Parts had to be sourced from Australia, Greece, Germany, and UK.  And two 25 gallon racing fuel cells were fabricated to fit inside the roll cage. He reports that the engines are detailed and running: all four mufflers are installed, frame and body panels are being painted and new racing seats are ready to be installed.  Graphics are also done and ready to be applied.


Frank has been invited to compete in the Concours d’Elegance at the historic car weekend at Lime Rock.  He was invited when the organizers found out the car had two engines! After that Frank intends to sell the car. Anybody interested in this African off-road racer that is significantly faster than a 2CV Sahara?


Note: We originally featured Crocolion on Citroënvie here: and then did an article about Frank’s purchase here:

Update: On Oct 12, 2017 Frank wrote that Crocolion did not make it to Lime Rock over Labor Day.  It was not done, despite staying up all night.  And it rained cats and dogs the day of the event.  “Now one month later the car is still in the body shop, thus proving a miss is as good as a mile. Hopefully I will get it this week. The graphics are all ready, just need to be applied.  It will become a winter project” says Frank.



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