1973 Citroën SM IE – 5-speed

An SM with the sunroof is a rarity indeed and this one is even more so.  In North American fewer than 100 had sunroofs added after they were shipped overseas, but this SM is not one of those.  It has a sunroof installed by Henri Chapron in Paris.  The original Levallois invoice, dated 05/04/1973 N ° 4812/604, shows a total of 4589.86 French Francs for the installation of an electric sunroof and the installation of an anti-theft alarm system by the bodybuilder.  (At that time the price for the SM was 46,000 French Francs, so it was a pretty hefty price to pay for a sunroof conversion and alarm system.)  

And on top of that, the car has an interesting history.  It’s first owner was Marquis Jacques De Saint Mars at the French Embassy in Roma, Italy. Date of first registration: 06/09/1973 in Italy. 

On 08/26/1985 it was bought by Mr. Pierre Grellier and following his death inherited by his son Jacques on 01/22/2002 who resided in Saint Chamant in the region of Cantal France.

It was then sold to a Mr. Chapuis in Allanche on 03/07/2005 who carried out a low mileage engine exchange with specialist Meca Precis in Châtillon-sur-Indre.  

On 13/11/2010 it was purchased by its present owner although the odometer reads 70,048, it really is 170,048 kms.  Quite amazing given the overall condition of the car.  It goes to show how careful maintenance and preservation measures can keep an SM looking very fresh indeed.  

It has a 2.7L fuel injected engine and is, of course full European spec.

The AC637 blue paint, redone about 25 years ago has held up very well, and is beautifully suited to the cuir noir (black) leather interior.  

Other than the repaint and engine work (which now assures reliability) the car is original and rust free!   

The current owner says he prefers Pirelli tires to the Michelin XWX tires that were originally on the car.  

All in all, as the pictures and service records indicate, while not being a concours SM, it is very attractive and decent one to drive and enjoy!   

If you would like to own a model like this, or perhaps even the one you see here, please contact us.

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