Introduced in 1961, the Ami 6 was Citroën’s foray into a compact sedan to bridge the gap in the range between the luxurious DS and the frugal 2CV.

Flaminio Bertoni who designed the Traction Avant, 2CV and DS, claimed that the Ami 6 was his favourite creation. Extremely controversial in styling, it was the last Citroën that Bertoni designed prior to his death in 1964.

Based on the 2CV platform and suspension, with a slightly more powerful 2 cylinder air-cooled engine that would later make its way to the 2CV, in France the Ami 6 was often referred to as the Citroën 3CV Trois chevaux, or “three horses”,

While the 2CV’s front side windows were hinged so the lower half could be flipped up with the rear door windows fixed, the Ami’s front and rear side windows were split vertically and designed to slide back and forth.

Though almost half a million were produced, few Ami 6 have survived as the French government evoked a bounty on them and other French compact models of that era in the early 1970s, crushing them in an effort to sell new cars in hope of revitalizing their auto industry.

Today, if you are lucky to find one, especially in the condition like the one pictured here, you will have the hippest car that is guaranteed to exude “chic” wherever you venture.

If you would like to own a model like this, or perhaps even the one you see here, please contact us.

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