2CV ‘Charleston Themed’ Motorcycle

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the 2CV, back in 2018 a special project was undertaken by Italian custom bike builder South Garage Moto Co. to make a ‘one-off’ 2CV Charleston motorcycle.

Using a Triumph Bonneville T100, South Garage crafted the originality of the 2CV’s innovative French design into this beauty dressed in Charleston colours of maroon over black.

Although the double chevrons on the gas tank display the modern Citroen Logo (kind of shame they didn’t go for period angular ones, but presumably they wanted the rounded smoothness) the front mounted chevrons on the handlebar are accurate to the early 2CV and are incorporated into a grill homage badge of the era.

Note that the headlight is not in the usual place. It’s positioned on the right front fork — for a look resembling the original pre-war 2CV TPV (prototypes) and to remain authentically French it is, of course, yellow.

Other chrome features are a parcel holder brandishing double chevrons, and retro ‘cone’ shaped exhausts.

Photo courtesy of Moto.it.

2CV rear fenders were adapted to enclose the rear wheel.

Their superlative work quality is apparent and the result is a stunning, most elegant design.

South Garage produced a 4-1/2 minute hi-lite video of the build process (in Italian) as well as three other episodes in the series. You can view the hi-lite video here:

And if you would like to see more, here are the other three-parts of the video series:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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