Kenneth Boron is a Transportation Design student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Slovakia. For his master thesis he proposed this look of a ‘next generation’ DS, providing it was going be an exotic 4-seater berline.

While the overall shape looks straight out of a Hollywood Sci-fi blockbuster film, the embedded back end is reminiscent of the GT by Citroën concept.

GT by Citroën concept

An exaggerated front that appears to clamp to the rest of the body without any flow line is an odd detail, but it certainly adds distinction.

It’s also interesting that he chose to ‘rope wrap’ the basic shell to visualize the body – a technique we’ve never seen and perhaps done to inspire brute force in his mind?

He says that he focuses on the development of car design, taking into account the artistic aspect in the creation of sources of inspiration. In his case, the whole process begins with drawing automatisms from which he selects and abstracts shapes and lines. He transforms these fragments in an author’s way into three-dimensional objects in which he consciously applies his knowledge of freeform and design work.

He creates objects from wire construction, stretched canvas, 3D prints, cotton and synthetic fibre.

In the final phase, he laminates these objects and thus stabilizes the given shapes with either epoxy resin or bioplastic material that he makes. He is inspired in shape and material solutions from the objects he creates and applies them in the final object — the exterior of the car.

Is the split windshield and the rake of it practical? No but looking at he development sketches they show that for a design study Kenneth was certainly thinking outside the box!

A video accompanies these illustrations and you can view it here:

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