By Paul Brown….

There is a right hand drive GS, of all things, sitting outdoors in Winston-Salem, NC, USA, where I live. I cannot rescue it, but if there is someone out there wanting to, they should investigate.  Can’t save them all, I know, but this seems like a worthy project for a knowledgeable person who actually gets things done.  

About two years ago, it appeared outside a rental house here, in nicer shape than it’s in now.  I talked with the resident, who was from South America and only spoke Spanish. He indicated he had acquired the GS from its longtime owner, someone who lived around the corner, after many years of trying, and wanted to make it into an electric car.  He declined to sell it.  There were other half-finished projects lying around, and I feared the worst. 

I think someone else may live in the rental house now, what with the many impacts of the pandemic.  The car is just sitting outside, as so many “I’m going to restore it”  or “I’m going to make it electric” failed dreams seem to do, with a bit of miscellaneous junk inside.  

I can find out who is at the house now and whether anyone knows who owns the GS, whether there’s a title, whether it could be sold or given away, etc. If interested, please contact me:

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