3D 2CV puzzle — A new dimension of family fun!

There is a contest that has become a favored tradition at World Meeting of the Friends the 2CV where enthusiasts practice for days in preparation to beat the record-time assembling a 2CV engine from various pieces scattered about a tabletop. The record-time is now under 12 minutes – quite a feat for the gear-heads that take up the challenge.

Now there is a 3D puzzle of the 2CV on the market that we think should be a another contest at 2CV world meetings;

The Lego craze of building models has taken off in recent years and with their copyright to brick design expiring 8 years ago, a few other companies have taken to offering their own unique variations.

CaDA Bricks approached Citroën about licensing the 2CV to be offered in a 3D block form factor. Citroën agreed and the result is a marvel of Lego-like design with CaDA having just introduced a 1:12 scale 2CV model that arguably has more parts than the real thing — 1,238 to be exact.

1:12 scale CaDA 2CV 3D puzzle contents shown with all options.

This is an impressive 3D brick model that draws-out the ingrained passion in just about any 2CV enthusiast to complete, but it is not a 12-minute build. Heck, if they had this as a building contest at the World Meeting of the Friends of the 2CV, it would be a formidable task for some to have it completed in 12 hours!

There has been some serious 3D CAD work done on CaDA’s part to create all the pieces and determine how they fit together to make this remarkably intricate 2CV.

Its also a marvel that workers in CaDA’s Chinese factory can pick and pack all the correct bits that go into the lovely box inserts that make up the overall package. They include a 2-part assembly manual that also has an informative preamble (in French) about the history of the 2CV.

Even if you are not at a World Meeting of the Friends of the 2CV, providing you’ve got some table space at home, get ready for a few hours of matching up the pieces while stimulating your brain to do some seriously logical thinking.

What’s also attractive is the price — just $79.99 US + shipping (from China).

While this 1:12 3D puzzle is for adults, (CaDA says 8 years + on the box, but seriously — your kid had better be an Einstein), they have thought about how their 2CV design can spurn interest through all generations in families;

The caption on the box says, “Make Your Brick Move” and for those adults that like motorized toys, CaDA offers 2 add-on kits for that very purpose that let you choose from 2 power options. Adding either to the 1:12 scale 2CV enables remote control ability to zip around the house, driveway or other outdoor areas up to a distance of 30 meters.

The basic power pack system, complete with a electric motor, rechargeable battery, LED light set, and remote control costs $69.99 US. (The remote control requires 2 x AA size batteries — not included). If you want to go with the more powerful Pro Power Pack version, the cost is $82.99 US.

CaDA’s family fun mindset goes even further… For those that find over twelve-hundred model pieces too intimidating, CaDA offers a 298 piece 1:24 scale 2CV 3D puzzle (non-motorized) that is considerably easier to build — a reduced “chip off-the-block” version that you can involve the kids with and expect to complete in about 2 hours.

1:24 scale version — 298 pieces.
1:24 scale CaDA 2CV 3D puzzle contents.

The 1:24 scale 2CV model is priced at only $16.99 US + shipping (from China).

All in all – a great way to get a new generation of family members appreciating the 2CV while keeping Grandad busy in retirement!

Order page for the 1:12 scale 2CV:

Order page for the 1:24 scale 2CV:

For further information, contact Martin Puotkalis, one of the operating partners in the CaDA venture. His email is: martin.p@doubleeagle.cc

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