Yesterday posted a video with John McElroy talking about some neat customized Ds.  In case you have not seen it, click on this link and select the first article on the website to see them about half way through the 6 minute video:  

His favourite DS is a bubble top coupé that has an enlarged back window re-positioned forward and the trunk lid extended so the C pillar with the turn signals becomes the B Pillar behind the front doors.  This makes the roof line very fluid but the flow is marred by the creator flaring the lower portion of the door and rear panels with a bulge that does not follow the upper body line and blend in as Flaminio Bertoni originally designed it.  It was done to take out the lower crease of the belt-line from mid-way in the front door to the front wheel where an accent line and two-tone body colour was added to give the car an “American” look. 

John mentioned that a reader names Charles sent him the pictures.  That may explain him misidentifying the the first Citroën coupé shown as a custom creation when it was in fact a 1958 le Paris by Heni Chapron which used the body work of the first Chapron cabriolet, la Croisette, also built in 1958.  Both models are is noticeable for employing the rear wings of the DS sedan and covering the join between the wing and what would be the rear door with a vertical chrome strip.
  Most likely a hasty addition by Chapron in the early days modifying the DS and getting them ready in time for that Paris Auto Show.  At the time as his conversions were undertaken without the approval of Citroën.  The vertical chrome stip was eliminated in subsequent Chapron variations of the DS to give the smooth flowing sides in his later works.

Also, at the end of the video John mentions a new Peugeot food truck that the company introduced this week.  Called La Marcelle it includes a sink, fridge, water heater and a serving counter that slides out of the rear door.  Very innovative, but not as cool as a H-Van!