Andy Haslam, better known online as BigCar, is an English educational automotive YouTuber who joined in 2019 producing history videos on a variety of classic cars that usually range from about 15 to 30 minutes in length.

Andy Haslam

Andy’s engaging and personable delivery style comes across in his latest effort — a well researched profile of the 2CV.

He discusses the creation of the 2CV and gives a great overview of all the 2CV derivatives — Sahara, Ami, Dyane, Fourgonette (Truckette), Acadiane, Baby-Brousse, Bijou, 3CV, C-15, Citroneta, FAF, M3, Visa and Méhari — even touching on the GS that has some lineage to the 2CV.

View the video here:

For the most part he is correct, though he does error in stating that the 4×4 Sahara has a single transmission when in fact it has two. Each of the Sahara’s engines (front and rear) have a gearbox mounted to them, enabling the Sahara to be mobile using either one individually, or with both in 4WD mode.

4 x 4 Sahara

And the 3 original TPVs (Tout Petite Voiture – the prototype to the 2CV) that he mentions were found in the roof of a building, but they were not in a barn. They were in a building at Citroen’s La Ferté-Vidame test facility. You can read more about their discovery in an interview John McCulloch did with Jean-Claude Lannes of the Conservatoire Citroën back in 2003 (in the Winter 2003 edition of the Citroën Autoclub Canada newsletter — pages 6 -7). Download the article here:

Further reading on the TPVs:

To date Andy has produced BigCar Citroën videos on the history of the DS, BX, CX, SM and XM. You can find those here:

BX –
CX –
DS –
SM –
XM –

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